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If you’re preparing, applying, or studying for something, spirit is coming through to tell you that it will all work out swimmingly for you. You may even receive good news in November that you’ve been waiting for. The secret for you, Virgo, is that the more you surrender and trust the process, the more quickly your blessings will arrive. Understand that the how and when of any situation is outside of your control—and I promise, you wouldn’t want to carry the heavy burden of being responsible for how and when things happen anyway. Let the universe take care of that for you. Use this month to take care of yourself more lovingly than ever before, and yes, that includes giving yourself a mental break.

October 2021

Knight of Wands: Ah, my fair maidens. October is a month filled to the brim with passion and forward movement for you. It seems you’re ready to get out of your own way and put the pedal to the metal this month. No longer will you sit stagnant with your thoughts—now is the time to bring those ideas to life! If you’ve been considering a new business idea, you are being encouraged to take steps in the direction of your desired outcome. I am also seeing some of you unhappy with where you currently live, and you may even be pulling the trigger on a move during October. Congratulations!

If you are worried about your health (mental, physical, financial, emotional), try removing yourself from scenarios that keep you living in old thought patterns. This will bring fruitful changes to your life—and for most, to your bank account. Some of you will be given the opportunity to find new friends or a like-minded community. It’s okay to let go of people who once, but no longer, served a purpose in your story. Letting go of who or what is drowning you allows you to swim safely to shore. The chapter of feeling small, judged, or stuck is finally over, and you will start to recognize that in October.

September 2021

The World: Oh, Virgo! Happy solar season (belated or right on time) to you! If you are ready for it, the universe has some tricks up its sleeve for you in September. You may be traveling or asked to go on an adventure by someone you care about. Be sure to say yes if it’s safe for you to do so—there will be life lessons on how to open your heart and be more authentically yourself.

For others, this month will be all about the seeds you planted long ago coming to fruition. You may have connected with someone a while back who is coming forth with an offer. Use your discernment; sometimes saying no to the wrong things is just as powerful as saying yes to the right ones. Take yourself out of your overanalytical mind and down into your feeling heart. What do you really want? Are you willing to say no to crumbs and wait for a full meal? You deserve better than what you’ve had. Don’t go back just because it’s taking a bit longer to move forward.

August 2021

The Emperor: You may not consider yourself the leader, the main character, or the life of the party, but during August you’ll start to open up to this new role. Understand that each day, you have a new opportunity to redefine yourself, Virgo. You no longer need to play small in order to make the people around you comfortable. You are going to upset a few people this month with your confidence, but understand that this stems from their own insecurities. You are not responsible for anyone but yourself; even if you have children, roommates, a partner, friends, or family members that you care for, you are ultimately only able to tend to your own internal world. Try to self-prioritize and lead by example for those around you in August. You are a model, not a martyr. Your mantra this month will simply be “Do as I do.”

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