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If you’re studying or in school, this will be a great time to bury your head in your books and catch onto new information quickly. Try to turn on classical music or download a playlist of binaural beats during April to help you focus, sleep, and connect to your energetic body. Remember that the relationship you cultivate with yourself will ultimately mirror itself in the relationships you’re able to create with those around you. If you want to get deeper, closer, or more vulnerable with someone, try to understand the ways that you’re able to do this with yourself first. Use April to learn about who you are, deep down, so you can share yourself confidently with those you love.

March 2021

Two of Pentacles: Libra, it’s safe to say you have more than enough on your plate right now. The urge that you’re feeling to add even more responsibilities or obligations is an old wound that will require you to sit in stillness in order for it to fully heal. The best way to do many things is to do one thing at a time. You are not required to run yourself dry before taking a break. Remember that your perspective on life is going to be the greatest indicator of how your future unfolds. Start to watch your wording as you discuss your life, career, and health. Make sure that you phrase your sentences as “I get to do these things” vs. “I have to do these things” and watch how those small moments of gratitude change your entire trajectory forward.

It feels as though you’ve been thinking about people from your past recently, and your guides are encouraging you to forgive those who have hurt you the most. Your forgiveness is not for them, nor does it have to be expressed to them. This is a process that is personal and can be kept private if you choose, but you have to feel in order to heal. Allow yourself to cry, scream, or process this however you need to. Your financial investments are also positioned to be favorable at this time. Watch the way your heart and your wallet heal at the same time in March. Expect abundance before the month is over if you take the proper action steps!

February 2021

Seven of Pentacles: This year is all about getting smart with your finances, Libra, and February is where this new journey begins! Instead of moaning and groaning about setting up a budget, stowing a little extra cash in your savings account, or passing up on the over-priced oat milk lattes, start to look at this process as a source of joy. It’s time to get creative with how you earn money. Is there a special skill or talent that you’ve been offering for free? Have you been working overtime with no reward? You are meant to work smarter, not harder. Balance those Libra scales back out again, and let’s start to plan for your future!

Dedication is the theme on all fronts for you this month, so if money isn’t your problem, it may be time to look at your “energetic” finances. Invest in the people who make you feel cherished, spend more time doing what you love, and make sure that the people you care for have a receipt for how much you love them. You’ll see a karmic paycheck coming your way soon. 

January 2021

Three of Wands: Calling all Libras! January is the time to manifest everything that you are desiring in the new year. Plan to get really close to the edge of discomfort; you have some deep emotional wounds that are ready to be healed and released. The benefit of taking the time to mend your old wounds? 

New fortunes—community, connection, and income are all being highlighted. There are new opportunities on the horizon that are going to lead you to absolute bliss, if only you can take this month to sort out your old triggers, patterns, and blockages to make space for what’s ahead. Get a head start on spring cleaning this month!

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