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If you’ve just closed the door on something, or someone, spirit is affirming that you’ve made the right choice. Even if this ending was foreseen—like a college graduation, or a milestone birthday bringing you into a new decade—you may still feel a sense of loss. Know that these feelings will pass and your willingness to let go is extremely brave. You can expect new sources of happiness to greet you on the horizon! Use this month to grieve, breathe, and move forward.

October 2021

Queen of Wands: Moving valiantly ahead, dear Gemini! The month of October is going to be one filled with confidence, reassurance, support, and embracing your worth. You are no longer being held back by your past. Instead you are walking toward a life filled with self-love. A gentle reminder that happiness, success, and wealth are better when they’re shared with those you love. As your heart expands with acceptance of yourself, extend a hand to those who need a dose of your newfound alignment. Part of your purpose on this planet is to change, and then change again, and then change even more. You are starting to release the walls you’ve had around your heart that were built with bricks of fear and insecurity. Watch the way the universe rewards you for opening yourself up to life and love.

If you’ve been waiting on a job offer, a contract for new housing, or some sort of sign to move forward with your goals, it will be here before the month ends. You are no longer in a stage of stagnation, and you will have this quickly affirmed to you. Nothing, and no one, is too good for you. You will start attracting opportunities that are in alignment with this new sense of self, and they are going to be life-altering to say the least. Enjoy, my twins!

September 2021

The Emperor: My twins! What a special surprise for you in September. Some of you may be moving into a new and elevated living space this month. For others, it will be an expansion of your heart space. And for the lucky few, it will be both! September is going to be riddled with moments for you to take charge and push your life forward in miraculous ways. You are worthy and deserving of the happiness you seek, but you need to behave as if it is already so.

Do not back down during conversations that put your integrity on the line. Be upfront and honest with those around you, even if it pushes other people away. The right ones will stick around and work through issues with you rather than walking away when the going gets rough. You will need to focus on building your soul tribe this month and removing those who you’ve outgrown. However, this does not come without some self-awareness and knowing when you are the one blocking others from loving you fully, or needing to be cared for by you. Take responsibility for your behavior and then take action on clearing out those who no longer fit with your future.

August 2021

Four of Wands: This month you are being met with opportunities and connections that will change the course of your life. You may have been stuck in a pattern of unavailability or chasing unavailable partners, and I see that coming to an end. You are finally recognizing how much your behavior and the behavior of those around you are affecting your overall sense of contentment. Your pride will keep you from being honest with yourself about what you want and how you feel, if you let it. My advice from spirit is to let it go. Let yourself flow with love and vulnerability in the month ahead, and you will be met with deeply satisfying emotional rewards. For some, you have friends and family members that do not have your best interests at heart; make sure that you’re not allowing people to treat you poorly and using the excuse of obligation to allow their behavior. When you let go of misaligned connections, you make room for people to enter into your life with pure intentions and unconditional love.

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