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And if you find yourself somewhere in-between, in the land of situationships, this is the time to have a more honest and truthful love. The only way you can attract something you’ve never had is by doing something you’ve never done. Let go of anyone or anything that keeps you from living with self-respect. April is all yours to begin changing the texture of your life!

March 2021

The Hanged Man: Expect to focus this month. For my Aries and Aries rising babes, this month is going to require you to surrender to the process. If you’re able to take your current situation and accept that it may not make sense for a while, you’ll find that not only is the end result better, but you can actually enjoy the process of getting there. For many of you this is stemming from a battle between your head and your heart—you know that the current dynamic isn’t aligned with your highest self, so what keeps you holding onto misaligned people and situations in your life? Are you fearful that you may not find someone or something better aligned with you if you leave?

Let yourself find the answer in the unknown. Life is simply trying to remind you at this time of your role on the planet. You cannot know the “how” and “when” of anything—that is the universe’s job. If you had to hold the heavy weight of this responsibility, you would crumble. Let go of attempting to control your life’s path. In sacrifice, you gain. 

Make new goals and feel deeply into your metamorphosis. You need to give certain things up in order to receive your blessings. Choose wisely who and what you continue to give your energy to. By the time April arrives, you’ll find yourself born anew, surrounded by people who open you up to new adventures and ideologies that ultimately change the path of your life.

February 2021

Ace of Wands: Use February’s potent energy to rediscover an old passion of yours. Are you feeling called to master a new skill? Interested in taking up a hobby from your past? For some of my Aries, this will be movement related (dance, yoga, Pilates, hiking). For others it’s an internal movement that’s occurring, like learning, growing, healing, and setting healthier boundaries.

You will have to make a big decision this month when new opportunities for growth arise. Although change can be difficult, wasting your potential would be much harder for you in the long run. You’ll be called toward fun and flirtatious interactions in the middle of the month. This will prove to be a great opportunity to connect, as long as you are accurately portraying what you want from the connection. Trust your gut, and follow your heart. This is the time to connect with your deepest desires!

January 2021

Eight of Pentacles: This month is all about new work environments, passion projects, and extra income streams. Welcome in abundance by working smarter, not harder. This is not the time to procrastinate, or else you may miss a fruitful opportunity on the job front. 

Have you wanted to switch career paths? It doesn’t have to make sense now, but following your heart is going to bring you more prosperity than ever before. Study, find a mentor, start networking—the universe just wants you to show up and do your part as fate begins to find you.

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