Winter Coats, Rosebud Salve, and Cozy Candles: What Supermodel Chanel Iman Is Buying Now

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For all the hype that comes with New Year’s Eve, supermodel Chanel Iman just wants a quiet night in. “It will be a really nice, festive holiday, but now that I’m a mother, I just want to be with my kids,” she says over Zoom from her home in New Jersey. “They are three [daughter, Cali] and two [daughter, Cassie], so they don’t really celebrate. I just put them to bed. Then I go to my living room, turn on the TV, and see what everybody else is doing.” 

Sometimes that involves watching the NFL if her husband, New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard, is playing in a night game. It’s also why she wanted to team up with BodyMark by BIC for their NFL series, which has debuted a line of stencils and temporary tattoo markers for all 32 NFL teams so you can experiment with skin-safe body art designs for game day. The 31-year-old says she didn’t really follow football much until she got married. Now that she does, the temporary tattoo markers make it super easy for her to “support my team in a really fun, creative way.”

And when she’s not rooting on her husband’s team, she’s usually watching a lot of family-friendly holiday movies “because my kids are always taking over the TV.” That means numerous viewings of The Grinch and The Polar Express, but if she gets time alone, a romantic movie like The Notebook is always her top choice.

So what else does Chanel Iman love for the winter months? For Glamour‘s latest edition of Your Fave’s Faves, she fills us in on all her cozy favorites, from scented candles to blankets. But front and center on her 2022 list: “I just hope for a better year pretty much every year.”

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My favorite boots that keep me warm

I love my black classic Doc Martens and Uggs since it’s freezing cold here. I live in them. I wear the tall, black UGGs, and then I wear my Doc Martens when I want to be more stylish. My Uggs are my everyday, like going to the grocery store, running errands look.

The candle I always have in my house

I love the Santal 26 candle from Le Labo. It just smells nice and makes me feel calm.

The stylish blanket that’s also super cozy

My Hérmes throws are like everyday blankets that I get comfortable with on my couch. I love them in gray and tan.

My favorite workout attire

I usually wear yoga pants, sports bras, or crop tops. I really like Lululemon’s yoga pants and crop tops, and Nike bras. Alo is another brand I love because it’s stylish and sporty at the same time and fits me really well.

My favorite vacation escape

Hawaii is my favorite state to visit on vacation, but I love the Amangiri in Utah. It’s beautiful and in the middle of nowhere. It’s such a scenic resort. 

The last item I bought my kids

Moncler jackets because I really like their winter coats. I got them in black and navy.

The three skin-care products that I always swear by

Neutrogena makeup-removing wipes, Ponds moisturizing cream, and Rosebud salve for my lips.

The kitchen appliance I use all the time

I cook a lot and love Le Creuset. My family loves me to cook for the holidays because I make good mac and cheese and collard greens, as well as fried chicken. 

My go-to luggage 

I love Tumi luggage because it really never goes out of style, it’s durable, and it holds everything that I need to travel. 

The album I’m obsessed with right now

The album that just came out that I’ve been playing a lot is the Summer Walker album, Still Over It. And then I really like Afro beats, so I listened to a lot of Wiz Kid.

The TV series I always recommend

I really love TV shows like The Undoing, The Act, Queen of the South, Snowfall. Those are my favorites. I love movies, but right now I’ve been into my shows. 

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