Why You Should Buy a New Mattress During These Black Friday Sales

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Why You Should Buy a New Mattress During These Black Friday Sales

We thought Nectar Sleep’s Black Friday deal was huge last year, but it managed to outdo itself this year. Every mattress comes with $399 worth of free stuff (including two Cooling Pillows) plus an extra $100 off. And you get a full 365 days to try it out, so you really have nothing to lose here.

If you’re in the market for a total bed makeover, Leesa mattresses are up to $400 off and its bundles are on sale too, so you can get a mattress, bed frame or base, and mattress protector for 15 percent off.

The Original Mattress is all memory foam, so it’s soft and breathable but doesn’t slack on core support while you’re sleeping. Multiple layers of springs and memory foam make the Legend Mattress Leesa’s most luxurious option, and one of the brand’s best Black Friday deals this year.

For our eco-conscious shoppers, Birch products are marketed as “non-toxic” and made from sustainably-sourced natural materials, like cotton, birch wool, and Talalay latex. Its Birch Natural Mattress is $400 off right now and each purchase comes with a set of two free Eco-Rest Pillows, so you can start snoozing faster and more deeply.

Just when we thought Vaya had some of the best mattress pricing in the game, it decided to put on a Black Friday sale for the books. All mattresses are $300 off and come with a free Premier Pillow.

Helix Sleep is offering $100 off any mattress with code BFSale100, plus you get two free Dream Pillows with every order. This is your chance to try out its award-winning Helix Midnight Luxe mattress, which has side sleeper pressure point relief and built-in airflow technology to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Amerisleep is offering $300 off all mattresses, including its best-selling AS3 mattress. This medium-feel mattress is designed to work for a majority of body types, so it’s a safe bet for most sleepers.

Even if you love your current mattress (or bought a new one during last year’s Black Friday sales) there’s plenty of bedding on sale this week if your bed still needs a boost. Buffy’s Cloud Comforter is one of the softest, fluffiest comforters on the market and it’s 20 percent off right now. Buffy bedding is made with recycled fiber and its signature Eucalyptus fabric, which is even softer than regular old cotton. Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s called the Cloud Comforter, and you deserve to find out why.

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