What Is CS:GO Trade Up Contract?

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What Is CS:GO Trade Up Contract?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular shooters in the world. Many players are fond of this game and progress well while completing various missions. There are many profitable options to boost your performance. And one of them is to make a trade up contract. What is it in the CS:GO game?

This is an exceptional opportunity when any player with a range of skins can turn them into one of the higher quality. For example, you can have several similar items. There are no reasons to store duplicated skins. The great idea is to craft new ones that will be more powerful and beneficial for your progress.

CS:GO Trade Up Contract: Basic Crafting Rules

This way trading up contracts takes place. To get the desired output item, you should understand all the basic crafting rules. The most essential point is to manage well all your input skins you would like to use for trading up in the game. It is worth noting that you can turn almost any item into a premium one through this option.

Among the skins that take part in the process of trading up are:

Guns, etc.

IT is worth noting that knives and gloves are hardly traded up. But it depends on the service you use for this option. For example, BloodyCase CS:GO trade up contract does not limit players to some specific range of skins. Almost any item can be turned into the desired one according to the modes available.

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CS:GO Trade Up Contract Example

There are many examples when players are successful to turn up to 9-10 skins of lower quality into one of the higher grades. Usually, there is a limit in the context of the interference of StatTrak items and regular ones. One more limitation is the highest quality of the crafted skin. The players of the CS:GO shooter can count on Covert while practicing trade up contracts in the game.

Let’s take a closer look at the real example of such a conversion. You have several MP5-SDs to turn into AWP or another skin of your interest. You need to reforge these items and get the output item finally. Additionally, you can try to mix several skins from different collections to reduce the trade-up costs. For example, convert 5 x P250 together with 1 x P2000 into the skin from the Amber Fade or Splash collections.

How to Do Trade Up Contract: 3 Easy Steps in CS:GO?

The algorithm is really easy. There are only three steps to undertake. Start with the mode selection. There are three of them (easy, medium, and hard). For each mode, you will find its own coefficients. The minimum amount for activation is also specified. The second step is picking sides with the items you will use for the trade-up contract. The maximum amount for conversions is 10 skins at once.

Then, you need to sign the contract. Check everything before performing the final step. Finally, you will get a reward. Speaking about the differences between the three available modes, the main one is their coefficients. Additionally, the trade-up costs for each contract can vary.

The most basic mode is Easy. Here, you can see 1, 2 coefficients and cost at least $0.5. The Medium mode is risky enough. Coefficients are higher but Most cheapest place to live in California chances of getting small or rather generous rewards will vary from one case to another. The Hard mode is like a fortune wheel. Prepare items that cost from $1 up to $200 in total for the deal. While putting the skin at the $20 price you are able to get the awesome reward of up to $200 as well.


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