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We Tried Everything From Harry Styles’s Beauty Brand, Pleasing

Senior beauty editor Dianna Mazzone wears Pleasing’s The Pleasing Pen. 
Dianna Mazzone/Allure

The reason I say this product launched at the perfect time is a combination of two things: the weather and the holidays. On a cold day, this compact dual-sided stick is so easy to throw in your bag or your pocket in case you get wind-whipped and need a quick splash of hydration. The same goes for the dry air in all the flights we’ll be taking for Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, etc. 

As senior beauty editor Dianna Mazzone notes, the eye gel isn’t really visible on the skin, but that seems to be the point. “It left a bit of dewiness as if I’d just taken off an undereye mask,” she says. That’s the best possible description of the eye gel: like wearing an eye mask without actually wearing an eye mask — in other words, you can reap those hydrating benefits on the go without looking like you wandered straight out of a spa appointment. 

The lip oil, on the other hand, disappears within a few quick minutes because the lips just eat. It. Up. Because it doesn’t have any obnoxious fragrances, flavors, or sensory gimmicks like tingly menthol, my flake-prone lips can happily absorb this bare-bones formula all day long without irritation. 

My primary complaint about Pleasing, frankly, is that there isn’t more of it to go around — and, ironically, that’s the exact same thing I say about Harry Styles. In the future, I’d love to see those pink and black nail polishes plus the nail stickers become available individually. I wouldn’t complain about a pearlescent gel-cream hybrid, either! Harry, if you’re reading this, get on it (also, I love you). 

All of Pleasing’s products retail for $30 to $65 and are available now on pleasing.com

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