Vegan CosmeticsWhat exactly is Vegan Makeup?

Vegan makeup is also known as organic or natural cosmetics. It’s made from plant-derived ingredients instead of animal-based products like lanolin, beeswax and collagen.

The vegan lifestyle can not only improve your health but it also minimizes the cruelty to animals for its own sake by eliminating any kind of exploitation in food production, manufacturing and other areas where animals are used – including cosmetic testing on them for beauty purposes. There are many individuals who do not wish to use those types of chemicals. Especially those that have been proven harmful for a variety of reasons which includes environmental implications such as water pollution caused by runoff from farms producing livestock manure, animal testing, and overall impacts to the environment.

Vegan Makeup Fun Fact: The most well known vegan ingredient used in cosmetics is carmine which has a red color pigment extracted from female cochineal beetles – also called “carmine.” This beetle lives on prickly pear cacti found mostly in South America and Mexico where harvesting them is sustainable without endangering their survival due to modern insecticides being banned there.

List of Vegan Makeup, Cosmetics, and Beauty Products

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