These 10 Eco-Friendly Jute Rugs Add A Natural Touch

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These 10 Eco-Friendly Jute Rugs Add A Natural Touch

Jute Rugs & Runners We Love

Hoping to redecorate soon? We’d like to humbly suggest looking into jute rugs and runners for your home! Jute comes from a plant and can easily be transformed into durable, long-lasting fibers, making it completely eco-friendly. And, jute rugs are the ideal accents to bring warmth and texture to any space.

We’ve found 10 brands (and a bonus) offering jute doormats, area rugs, and round rugs for every inch of your abode. Nearly all are fair trade and artisan-made using time-honored techniques. Not only will your space look new, but you’ll also have a story worth sharing.

Jute not your style? Here’s our main guide to nontoxic rugs to consider!

1. The Citizenry

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, artisan-made, 2x fair trade wages
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs, runners, round rugs; sizing up to 10’
Price Range | $135–$895

The Citizenry offers some of the most stunning home goods around, ethically and sustainably made by artisans around the globe. Its line of jute rugs is available in varying sizes and styles, all by Indian artisans who are paid twice the fair trade wage. You can ‘meet’ your rug’s makers prior to purchasing, too via the artisan profile!

Shop The Citizenry

2. Leah Singh

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, artisan-made, AZO-free dyes, GoodWeave certified
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs & runners; sizing up to 6’
Price Range | $250–$490

Leah Singh designs handicrafts in her New Delhi studio and then teams up with artisans across India’s villages to make them come to life. The artisans use centuries-old techniques like embroidery, weaving, and printing so the craft can be passed down. The jute rugs are made with natural materials and dyes, and we’re eyeing the modern patterns and eclectic runners.

Shop Leah Singh

3. West Elm

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, artisan-made
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs, runners, round rugs; sizing up to 14’
Price Range | $30–$1,500

West Elm embodies our dream aesthetic and we love how committed the company is to sustainably and artisan-made home goods, too. The jute rugs are artisan-made in India in safe working conditions and using only natural fibers. Find everything from doormats to round rugs here, with sizing up to a whopping 14 feet and plenty of contemporary patterns.

Shop West Elm

4. Nordic Knots

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, handmade in small batches, GoodWeave certified
Styles & Sizes | Patterned area rugs; sizing up to 14’
Price Range | $249–$1,695

Nordic Knots’ design studio, based out of Stockholm, finds inspiration from Scandinavian style for its unique rugs. The jute collection is handwoven in small batches, so every single one is unique and unlikely to be seen elsewhere! If you’re not sure how the rug will look in your space, Nordic Knots offers samples to try first.

Shop Nordic Knots

5. Korissa

Made In | Bangladesh
Ethics | Fair trade, ethically sourced, natural fibers, WOC-owned
Styles & Sizes | Round rug (31”)
Price Range | $89

Add warmth to your space with Korissa’s round rugs. Available via Made Trade, which gives back a portion of every order and is fully carbon-neutral, these rugs are perfect to zhuzh up any room. Crafted in a fair trade environment in Bangladesh, artisans are paid living wages and given education and healthcare opportunities.

Shop Korissa

6. Parachute

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, artisan-made, Craftmark certified, gives back
Styles & Sizes | Area rug & round rug; sizing up to 10’
Price Range | $158–$798

Parachute takes pride in its gorgeous line up of wool and jute rugs, and it’s clear why. Not only is every jute rug made of hand-braided fibers, but it’s also Craftmark-certified, ensuring that it’s been woven by actual artisans in Panipat, India. Parachute partners with an 80-year-old textiles factory where employees’ children receive an education. Good for people, the planet, and your home.

Shop Parachute

7. Kamalnath Handicraft

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural & upcycled fibers, fair trade, handwoven, carbon-neutral shipping
Styles & Sizes | Round rug (60”)
Price Range | $100–$205

Kamalnath of Kamalnath Handicraft has long been in the textiles business and launched this retail shop in 1998 to offer rugs and patchwork items. The quality is exceptional and unique and includes upcycled rugs expertly woven from jute and denim! Since these rugs are made from recycled and natural fibers and sent via carbon-neutral shipping, the carbon footprint is extra low. This one is reversible, too!

Shop Kamalnath Handicraft

8. Rowen & Wren

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, handwoven
Styles & Sizes | Area rug & round rug; sizing up to 200cm
Price Range | £46–£128

Rowen & Wren is a UK-based shop collaborating with makers around the world, including for woven jute rugs. Choose from four kinds of round rugs including stone grey as well as a rectangular option for high-traffic rooms. We especially love the idea of layering rugs on one another for a textured finish. International shipping is available.

Shop Rowen & Wren

9. Hare & Wilde

Made In | India
Ethics | Natural fibers, handwoven
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs & doormats; sizing up to 300cm
Price Range | £29–£395

Nestled in a North Yorkshire town, UK brand Hare & Wilde wants to emphasize craft and consideration in our homes. In addition to partnerships with British makers and Scandinavian crafters, its jute rugs are from India and made from traditional techniques. Hare & Wilde makes our list for its unique prints, doormats, and soumak jute blends.

Shop Hare & Wilde

10. Armadillo Co

Made In | India
Ethics | Certified B Corp, natural fibers, fair trade, gives back
Styles & Sizes | Doormats, area rugs, runners; sizing up to 4.2m (14’)
Price Range | $120–$6,900

Armadillo Co was the first-ever Australian rug brand to become a certified B Corp! Its eye for design only parallels its dedication to quality and sustainability. The stunning jute rugs come in various unique colors, like Aubergine purple and Russet orange, with dozens of styles and sizes to choose from. All are made under fair trade working conditions, too! Add some pizazz.

Shop Armadillo Co

Bonus: Ruggable

Made In | USA
Ethics | Upcycled materials, made-to-order, gives back
Styles & Sizes | Area rugs & runners; sizing up to 10’
Price Range | $159–$469

OK, so this last one isn’t quite jute—but it’s pretty great, too! Ruggable’s Re-Jute rugs look like jute but are actually made out of ~180 plastic bottles, keeping waste out of landfills. There are two dozen styles worth looking at, from southwestern patterns to striped designs. Rugs are made to order to minimize waste and are machine washable for easy cleanup. Ethical, sustainable, low maintenance… it ticks all of our boxes, what about yours?

Shop Ruggable

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