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Calling it an experiment may be clickbait – but oh well. Partner and I are starting a more natural lifestyle journey together. She’s fairly butch so her deoderant runs along the “manly” line. She’s been using the same “degree” crap my dad uses. It’s not good for her so she agreed to make the switch with me.

We each are trying three different deoderants for a week. I TRIED to keep them all zero waste as best I could but my partner felt very strongly about trying two deoderants that were from plastic. All of mine are zero waste – no plastic, just paper.

I’m trying Native’s Coconut Vanilla, Tom’s Fresh Rose, and Ben&Anna’s Persian lime. He’s trying Tom’s cedar peak, Schmidts charcoal (he was really hellbent on this), and bravo Sierra’s Tonka Bean (he had never heard of tonka and really wanted to try this). I’m hoping he likes Tom’s so he can be zero waste.

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