The Little Black Bottle That Shook the Beauty Industry

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The Little Black Bottle That Shook the Beauty Industry

The Beauty Closet Questionnaire

How often do you recharge your crystals?

They are buried in the ground around my property, so never.


Napa, California.

First job?

Working as a dishwasher in a fancy restaurant.

People on speed dial?

My husband and my three besties.

Proudest moment?

Any time my kids act out of true kindness, compassion, and generosity. Professionally, the launch of our second product, Active Treatment Essence. It is everything I wanted and more, and I am proud to not have compromised on a single step in its formulation.

Preferred healing modality?


Favorite hotel?

The Villa d’Este or any Aman property.

Favorite date-night activity?

Cocktails somewhere fun with my amazing husband.

goopiest moment?

I like to ground myself, shoes off and feet connected to the earth, optimally with my back against a tree.

First celebrity crush?

Jake from Sixteen Candles.

Favorite movie?

I rarely watch a movie more than once, but I have a soft spot for Hope Floats.

Preferred form of exercise?

Hiking outdoors with girlfriends and Pilates Pro Works.

Wouldn’t fly without?

iPad, green and herbal tea, and Active Treatment Essence.

Perfect Sunday afternoon?

A warm, sunny day surrounded by nature with my family.

What would you put on your neon sign?

I already have it made and hanging in our office. It says, “Beauty is a light from the heart.”

Favorite book?

Infinite Jest. I just recently reread it and loved it even more. Also my first book on Buddhism that is fifteen-plus years old at this point, but it was my first real introduction, and I always keep it close.

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