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The Body-Shaping Secret

In partnership with our friends at BTL Aesthetics

A bronzy, summer-scented body oil; a practically invisible mineral sunscreen; the best, most-natural-looking self-tanner; and more.

goop Beauty
Glow Lotion

goop, $58/$52 with subscription


Balmyard Beauty
Paradise Oil
goop, $98


Mineral Tinted
Face Sunscreen

goop, $29


Westman Atelier
Super Loaded
Tinted Highlighter
in Peau de Rose

goop, $75


Vita Liberata
Invisi Foaming
Tan Water

goop, $33


Sun Melt Natural
Cream Bronzer

goop, $28


Emsculpt Neo combines radio-frequency heat to burn fat with high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to contract muscle fibers in the treated area at an intensity that’s impossible to achieve by working out. “Basically, Emsculpt Neo produces 20,000 contractions in the muscle during a thirty-minute period,” says Katz, who has performed the treatment hundreds of times over the past four years. “When the muscle fatigues, it breaks down adjacent fat as an energy source to sustain the contractions. That’s why you not only build muscle but also reduce fat.”

Clinical studies show an average of 30 percent reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25 percent increase in muscle volume. According to the brand, one thirty-minute treatment is essentially equivalent to approximately 20,000 crunches (or squats), and four sessions (completed across four weeks) are roughly equivalent to twelve to sixteen weeks of HIIT. It treats people with a BMI of up to thirty-five.

Katz says most people ask to treat either their lower abdomen or their butt. “But it’s also amazing for biceps, triceps, and calves. I do a lot of body-contouring treatments, and they typically consist of either skin tightening, fat reduction, or cellulite treatment. Emsculpt Neo is the fourth dimension of body-contouring treatments–muscle toning, which we hadn’t been able to treat or address until now.”

Individual results and experiences may vary.

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