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The 8 Best Body Oils for More Fun Sex

The 8 Best Body Oils for More Fun Sex

Written by: Lana Cortes

Published on: December 29, 2022

Photo courtesy of Eve and Adam Photography/The Licensing Project

Maybe it’s a slooow, fluttery massage that revs your engines. Maybe it’s the power of giving someone else one. Or it could be scent—a faintly smoky essence that softly lingers or one that’s heady and blossoming, depending on the day and your headspace—that plunges you straight into the moment. The beauty of body oil is that however you use it, the immediate benefits are mental, physical, and always sensual.

On top of the skin-silkifying, firming, smoothing, nourishing results, body oils are a gorgeous accoutrement for better, vibier, more present, sexier sex. Whether or not they’re infused with essential oils like ylang-ylang, lavender, and clary sage, which are said to have aphrodisiac effects, body oils leave your body gleaming and moisturized, and simply the act of applying one can be both a confidence boost and a turn-on. And most body oils are clean—made without water, they don’t need the preservatives that many conventional body creams and serums do. Instead, they’re typically pure concentrations of nourishing botanicals that smell and feel luxurious naturally. What’s sexier than that?

The right body oil can be a foreplay game changer when smoothed on by a partner. Or massage it over your own limbs to shift gears and kick off a solo night with a clitoris-stimulating vibrator. Either way, it can help you slip into the best version of your skin, with natural ingredients to enhance your mood and desire.


Best for Glow

Scent: Ginger, violet, and vetiver

For: Gleamy, nourished skin

Loaded with the highest-quality botanicals—sea buckthorn, raspberry seed, pomegranate—this decadent blend smooths into the sexiest supple glow and invigorates the senses. Whether you’re warming it between your palms and smoothing it over your own body in the morning to take on the day or working it over a partner’s, it smells just gorgeous.

goop Beauty
GOOPGLOW Afterglow Body Oil
goop, $48/$43 with subscription


Best for Subtly Sexy Fragrance

Scent: West Indian blossoms

For: Perfume lovers

The scent is so intoxicating—it smells like an entire bouquet of tropical flowers—that this skin-softening mix of sweet almond, shea nut, and coconut oils easily doubles as fragrance. For date nights out, dab a touch at your wrists and neck. For date nights in…the bedroom is your oyster.

Balmyard Beauty
Romantic Call Body Oil
goop, $82


Best for Sensitive Skin

Scent: Unscented

For: Skin that needs pure nourishment

Ultranourishing argan and olive oils, vitamin E, squalane, and the patented TFC8 complex developed by esteemed German scientist Dr. Augustinus Bader flood skin with moisture, support the skin’s barrier, and replenish, leaving skin velvety to the touch.

Augustinus Bader
The Body Oil
goop, $100


Best for Spirit Soothing

Scent: Vetiver and sandalwood

For: A heavenly fragrance

Spiked with geranium, chamomile, and skin-calming jojoba oil, this oil’s scent is one of the prettiest we’ve ever smelled, and the nourishing ingredients leave skin in amazing shape. Beyond an incredible full-body massage, it facilitates a euphoric foot rub (the foot is one of the most sensitive areas of the body due to the concentration of nerve endings). Or pour a few drops into a steamy bath for the ultimate unwind.

Pure Calm
goop, $85


Best for Light Texture

Scent: Lavender, rose, and neroli

For: Quick absorption

This flowery body serum hydrates and refreshes skin with aloe vera and, as the name promises, multiple floral extracts. It sinks right into skin as you massage it in, and it also works as a hair serum for boosting shine and tempering frizz.

Sangre de Fruta
Mille Fleurs Body Serum
goop, $118


Best for Warming up

Scent: Jasmine and lavender

For: Flickering candlelight vibes

Spark it up and this candle emits a soft cloud of mood-setting jasmine and lavender as it burns. The bonus: The jojoba-infused wax melts into a skin-replenishing sensual massage oil that’s miraculously always the perfect temperature (the candle has an extremely low melting point).

Neom Organics
Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle
goop, $46


Best for Total Escapism

Scent: Bitter orange and neroli

For: A summery flourish

The generous rollerball makes it easy (and so chic) to smooth this citrusy-floral blend over shoulders, pulse points, feet, lower stomach…wherever your synapses crave it. There’s nothing like it on a grey day to transport you to a warm Italian orange grove.

Summer Skin Oil
goop, $45


Best for Pure Atmosphere

Scent: Smoky and sexy

For: Firming and replenishing skin

Made with skin-pampering botanicals sourced responsibly from the Amazon—including smoky breu branco, a resin sacred among Indigenous tribes—this skin-coddling blend has the silkiest texture.

Costa Brazil
Oleo Para O Corpo Kaya Jungle Firming Oil
goop, $98

How do we test clean beauty products at goop? First they have to pass our standards for clean (goop has some of the toughest standards in the industry). Only then do they make it to our editors’ showers, bathroom counters, and makeup bags, where they are rigorously hand-tested (and road-tested, if we happen to be going on a trip). The goop beauty department is made up of women of varied ages, races, and tastes—if we really love something, we’re pretty confident you’re going to love it, too.

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