The 7 Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022

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The 7 Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022

In 2021, makeup triumphantly rose from the ashes left from the coronavirus pandemic. Vaccinations were administered, masks were shed, and we all hesitantly dipped our toes back into the makeup waters with tinted moisturizers, lightweight mascaras, and clear brow gels. Next year will be a different story entirely. With things more normal than we’ve had them in the past couple of years, folks are flocking to makeup with texture, shine, and bold color in rebellion of makeup-free at-home life — our trend forecast for the year serves as proof of that.

We scoured all the newest products on the market, scrolled endlessly through social media, and polled some of our favorite makeup artists to determine the biggest 2022 makeup trends. TL;DR: we’re all about to learn how to make a big impact with a small amount of effort. 

Light, Luminous Bases

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Easy makeup looks never go out of style, and that’s why makeup artist Tommy Napoli insists that skinimalism isn’t going anywhere in 2022. “People’s priorities are different after COVID-19, at least for their everyday [makeup],” he explains. Not to mention that many are still searching for “an antithesis to layered and powder-heavy Instaglam makeup” after spending most of the 2010s wearing just that. Makeup artist Delina Medhin concurs: “I’m seeing that people are wearing less complexion [makeup] in general,” she says. 

And thank heavens because we don’t think anyone wants to go back to blending their full-coverage foundations for 10 whole minutes every day. Instead, we’re happy to sacrifice some visible texture, discoloration, and blemishes for products that are easier to apply and far more comfortable — like Cle Cosmetics’s CCC Cream or the Best of Beauty-winning Estée Lauder Double Wear Sheer Long-Wear Makeup.

We’ll be wearing less extreme highlighters, too, if makeup artist Lavonne’s predictions are correct (and they always are). While wet-looking dolphin skin has dominated trends in the past couple of years, what she describes as “luminous” finishes — not matte, not extremely dewy, but somewhere between — are about to take off. “Runway looks dictate makeup trends for the following year, and the Spring season shows had elements of this,” she explains. (And she’s right — just take a look at the photo above from John Richmond’s Spring/Summer 2022 show at Milan Fashion Week.)

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