The 19 Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Make Your Home More Aromatherapeutic

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The 19 Best Essential Oil Diffusers to Make Your Home More Aromatherapeutic

There are plenty of ways to scent your home, but some methods are easier — and safer — than others. If you’ve spent any time on the internet lately, you know that essential oil diffusers are the newest trend, and for a good reason: They disperse natural oils into the air — lavender, eucalyptus, whatever you like — which can help to freshen up a room and reduce feelings of anxiety.

To the latter point, according to scientific studies, some essential oils may have the ability to interact with the brain and the nervous system to impact mood and health, which is hugely important for times when we’re spending the majority of our time indoors. One of the easiest (and most pleasant) ways to achieve these benefits is through aromatherapy, where these concentrated oils are breathed in, allowing them to stimulate the olfactory system in the brain. What’s more, even if you don’t see any magical healing effects from your diffuser, it’s still going to make your home smell sublime.

These amazing diffusers require only some water and a few drops of your favorite blend to turn your home or office into a stress-relieving oasis — just make sure you pick up some quality essential oils while you’re at it. According to New York City-based acupuncturist, Mila Mintsis, you can tell a brand sells high-quality essential oils if it specifically says it’s considered safe for internal consumption. “It will usually say on the bottle or company’s website, and in this case, you know for a fact that the company guarantees purity and high quality of its oils,” she previously told Allure

Although you won’t be putting the essential oils directly on your skin when you’re using them in a diffuser, it’s still important to handle them correctly when pouring them into your chosen device. “Phototoxic reactions can be pretty nasty, regardless of whether you have sensitive skin,” Robert Tisserand, an essential oil educator, previously told Allure. Among the most phototoxic essential oils that you should be very careful to keep off of skin are bergamot, lemon, and lime. Cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, cassia, black pepper, and wintergreen all have the potential to irritate skin as well.

Now that you’re all caught up, it’s time to pick your perfect essential oil diffuser. Below are our current favorites — we know you’ll find your favorite here, too.

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