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SOS Skincare Set

Vendor: Trybe Beauty, Inc

This set ships free within the U.S.

What is it?
A superpowered skincare routine designed to soothe, purify, and repair angry, stressed out skin.  

SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray (Full-Size + Travel): daily face toner & treatment spray for general skin maintenance and angry-skin prevention.  

SOS Intensive Rescue Serum (Full-Size): a water-gel serum with a concentrated dose of hypochlorous acid to soothe chronically sensitive skin (ex. acne, rosacea, eczema).

How do I use it?
Use SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray AM/PM on clean skin in place of toner and follow with SOS Intensive Rescue Serum. 

Super powered by Hypochlorous Acid
Never heard of it? Well, your body has —like hyaluronic acid and ceramides, *hypochlorous acid* is made naturally by your skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and helps defend your skin from harmful bacteria, reduce redness, and soothe irritation. 


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