Skincare Tips On How To Keep Skin Healthy This Festive Season

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Skincare Tips On How To Keep Skin Healthy This Festive Season

Effective skincare tips to up your game this festive season


Every festive season, there will be binge-eating, late-night gossiping, and physical exertion. All of these will have an effect on all skin types. The holiday season has begun, and as the festivities continue, one can follow this festive season skincare routine which is simple and easy, to nourish the skin and only add to the festive glow! This is your guide on how to get ready for festivals in terms of a skincare regime! 

Tips To Nourish Your Skin During Festivities

1. Keep Out Of The Sun’s Way

Ensure that you’re keeping the tanning and damage done by the sun at bay since the Indian skin, being richer in melanin, is more prone to tanning. Opt for an oil-free and lightweight sunscreen like the Sandiva One and Done Tinted Sunblock With Sandalwood, SPF 35+ which offers enhanced protection from the sun and doesn’t leave a white cast after you have applied it. 


2. Ensure Sound Sleep & A Balanced Diet

Many factors, such as stress, lack of sleep, and a poor diet, can all contribute to unwanted skin problems. Late nights are unavoidable, especially during the holiday season. After you’ve identified the problem areas, make sure you find the right product for your skin type.

3. Follow A Skincare Routine

Ensure you are following and using the best skincare products for glowing skin which consists of starting your morning with an anti-oxidant rich cleanser such as the Fixderma Mandefix Foaming Face Wash, followed by a rich moisturiser like the Bliscent Olive Squalane and Cantaloupe Gel Moisturiser. These will be very effective during the festive season.

4. Use Only Clean Beauty Brands & Hydrate Yourself

Choose clean beauty products that are high in vitamins and minerals and do not contain parabens or sulphates. These will undoubtedly be very beneficial to you in the long run. Keep yourself hydrated, whether with fresh juices or water, as both are effective in flushing out toxins.

5. Apply Minimal Makeup & Enhance Natural Glow

When it comes to makeup, ensure you don’t apply too much of it since applying a minimal amount will make your face glow naturally. Primers and Highlighters should be added to your festive makeup routine since these are useful in prepping the skin, minimising the appearance of pores and making your face shine. 

6. Carry An Essential Travel & Makeup Kit

Carry a travel kit with you if you’re going out of town this festive season. It should include cleanser wipes, a hand and foot cream such as the Smooth Temptation Hand And Foot Care Combo, a moisturiser and a sunscreen. Do carry a makeup kit which has makeup remover wipes in it. 


7. Religiously Follow Your Night Time Routine

Before sleeping, ensure you remove every trace of makeup and apply an anti-ageing cream such as the Minimalist 2% Retinoid Anti Ageing Night Cream and an overnight mask to get a festive glow in the morning. Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours on a regular basis will restore your skin via its night-time repair mechanism, making it look plump in the mornings.


8. Get That Glow Treatment & Exfoliation Done! 

If you want a glow treatment, you can get one right before the festivities. Make sure you don’t skip your exfoliation routine during the festivities; it’s critical for reducing pore size and diminishing marks. We recommend you use Aminu Microdermabrasion Face Scrub which sloughs away rough, flaky skin and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. 


9. Keep Exercising And Eat Your Greens

Make certain that you are exercising and not skipping workouts. Cardio is essential because it boosts your metabolism and improves your blood circulation. Eating a balanced diet rich in green vegetables and healthy foods will help keep your skin looking natural, fresh, and enhanced.

10. Face Massage, Face Oils & Serums For The Win! 

The need for a face massage is underrated when it comes to festive celebrations. You have to use a face oil like the Hemis Face Elixir or a serum like the Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin Care Serum which is loaded with skin goodies like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and more such antioxidants. If you’ve got a jade roller, use it to massage the oil/serum into your skin! 




11. Ice Cubes As A Coolant

This is a personal favourite that I learned from my mother. Always use ice cubes to tighten your pores, increase blood circulation, and make your skin glow. Make sure you do this first thing in the morning or right after you remove your makeup to give your skin a much-needed cooling!

12. Quick Sheet Mask For Nourishment

The magic of a quick sheet mask is not unknown to everyone! It definitely ends up nourishing your skin since it is loaded with Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid. Use this and then apply a serum with retinol so you are able to get the benefits of anti-ageing skin and nourishment. 

13. Care For Your Lips

Don’t forget to give your attention to your lips during your skincare steps. These need exfoliation by using a lip scrub such as the Dot & Key Lip Polish Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. You can also use a lip balm like the Daughter Earth Antioxidant Lip Balm to hydrate your lips. Keep your makeup minimal and just let them enjoy the glow of your skin during the festivities! 



Certainly, the festive season skincare is a pain and causes after-effects that cause us to be concerned about our skin, but if you follow these tips, you will reduce the after-effects and leave your skin feeling healthy and fresh. The skincare order described above is an excellent way to give yourself the best pre-festival and post-festival gift. Begin caring for your skin as soon as the festival season arrives, so that as you move from one festival to the next, your skin becomes brighter and healthier. We wish you a wonderful year ahead and the most joyous of festivities!

– Harshita Shah

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