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Good morning and hello, Caturday! Today’s clothing-related question for you — have you ever gone to a store, tried something on and loved it so much that you didn’t want to take it off? And then, because you loved it so much, you bought it right then and there before walking out of the store actually wearing it?

That’s only happened to me once, and it was recently with this sherpa jacket from Athleta.

I’ve been desperately needing some warm sweaters and tops, so I made myself shop for stuff I don’t actually hate. 👍

Normally, I find reasons to be annoyed by most items of apparel, but this is so warm and so soft, and just the right weight to keep me toasty both indoors and outdoors. It’s neither too loose nor too formfitting, either, and not only do the pockets easily fit my phone, but they also have zippers (!), so my crap doesn’t fall out.

Good news, it’s on sale now!

If you’re on the market for something warm, snuggly and cozy, I highly recommend it. It’s made my world so much better, and whenever I wear it, I almost like getting dressed.

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