Saturday Surfing, December 4, 2021

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Saturday Surfing, December 4, 2021

Good morning! Happy Caturday! Hope you’re having a great morning so far. ’round these parts, today is a Christmas shopping day, but ya know…if a purple nail polish hitches a ride home with me (I’ve got my eye on this one from OPI called Boys Be Thistle-ing at Me), I will not protest, nor will I be mad at it. 😹

This week’s reading

A bunch of holiday kits are on sale at Sephora right meow.
Meet the perfume house favored by European and Hollywood royalty.
What is fragrance primer?
I REALLY like the bottles in the BROWN GIRL Jane perfume line.
Here’s a long list of scents for folks who like cozy vanilla notes.
I’m not surprised to see Byredo Gypsy Water on this list!
Six influential fifty-somethings share their beauty and skin-care secrets…

Anyone else have mixed feelings about this reboot?

Who’s doing this with me?

Yes, please. 😊

I’m totally watching this.

Talk to me.

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