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So I stopped using antiperspirant and switched to natural deodorant maybe six months ago. I’ve found some that I like, but I’m still not clear on what to do between applications.

I’m trying to cut down on unnecessary soap usage, so I’ve tried just kind of scrubbing with a wet washcloth, but (I think) I can still feel some of the oils (maybe?) left behind on my skin. Is that okay? Should I use something else, or should I just suck it up and use soap?

In case it affects answers, I’m applying every 1-2 days currently, and I’m fairly hairy.

Just to clarify, I’m applying my deodorant (currently using the primer and cream from Meow Meow Tweet) in the morning and wearing it a day or two before noticing odor/needing to reapply.

I’ve been washing with soap and water before reapplying, but I’m trying to cut back on soap usage. However, after only using water, it feels like there’s still some oil/residue left on my skin. I’m wondering if it’s actually okay to just go ahead and reapply like that or if I need to make sure it’s washed off really well. If I’m needing to really make sure, is there an alternative to soap, or should I just use the soap?

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