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Pharrell and GP Talk Clean Skin Care

Humanrace is a totally refillable, three-product line of essentials that people—of any skin type or color, age, or gender—can use alone or in conjunction with other skin care. It’s the second category of Humanrace products, after a Humanrace x Adidas sneaker collection. “We’re all pluralists,” says Williams. “I think it’s just a natural thing for an artist, or anyone who’s chosen different mediums or disciplines to express themselves in, to turn something they’re interested in into a business. Why would you not want to apply your artistic lens to some new product, process, experience, or design?”

Williams gathered top experts in the industry and even brought on his New York dermatologist and friend Elena Jones, MD, to help bring the line to life. “We considered everything, from the color and texture and sensation of the products on your skin to how it feels holding the bottles in your hand,” he says.

The result is a three-step routine for beautiful, fresh skin that works no matter what your skin type. “My fourteen-year-old son, Moses, stole it from me; he’s so into it,” says GP. “It’s a perfect microcosm—skin care that both mother and son are excited about using.”


The Rice Powder Cleanser—it starts out as a powder and builds to a foamy lather when you activate it with water—dissolves oil and makeup with kaolin clay, rice powder, and fruit-derived alpha hydroxy acids, plus it hydrates with snow mushroom extract.


A thorough, pore-smoothing detox, the Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator combines glycolic acid and exfoliating enzymes with antioxidant lotus leaf to smooth away dead cells and resurface skin. It’s gentle enough to use every day and leaves skin feeling silky and refreshed.


You finish off with the Humidifying Cream, an intensely moisturizing blend of plant-based squalane, hyaluronic acid, and calming tiger leaf that’s rich and featherlight at once. The name hints at the gleamy radiance the cream deposits—similar to the sexy warmth skin might radiate after a tropical vacation.

All three formulas are unscented, gentle yet powerfully skin-balancing, and gender-neutral—a touchpoint for Williams, whose famously epic style (hot-pink cardigans, piles of pearl necklaces from Chanel, retro cat-eye sunglasses, giant fedoras) eschews binary gendered rules. It’s also inclusive: “Our packaging has braille on it,” he says. “How can you be ‘Humanrace’ without braille?”

Humanrace is as clean as possible—in formulation, as well as in its imprint on the planet. “We wanted to do everything more than right,” says Williams. “Let’s use far more PCR [postconsumer recycled plastic] than we do virgin plastic. Let’s make sure we’re refillable. Let’s make sure we go beyond what Europe allows.” Humanrace follows the European Union’s guidelines in excluding ingredients deemed unsafe (1,300 ingredients are banned from beauty and personal-care products in the EU, whereas a total of eleven are banned in the US), and it’s also fragrance-free and vegan, and it contains no essential or mineral oils, nuts, seeds, or plastic particles.

The outer packaging—a gorgeous “heart-chakra green,” notes GP—holds refill containers made with over 50 percent postconsumer recycled plastic. And the containers are sealed with heat, instead of a plastic cap, a process that saves roughly 1,200 single-use plastic caps per hour during manufacturing.

“If we’re going to be in this space, we have to make it better than we found it,” says Williams. “And we have to be friendly to the other brands, the ones that are doing well that we can learn from. We’re going to be competitive—like we’re running a race, a human race—but we’re not looking to our left and right to beat anyone. We’re running our asses off forward. And we’re pushing things forward.”

Once-a-week pink-salt shampoo

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Multipurpose oil

Invigorating body brush

Foaming eucalyptus-scented shower gel

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Shine-boosting hair care

Clinically tested firming supercream

Overnight peel for glowing skin

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