Peach Makeup Will Be One of the Top Beauty Trends of 2022

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Peach Makeup Will Be One of the Top Beauty Trends of 2022

Winter isn’t coming anymore. It’s here, but a shade typically associated with spring, and sun, and happiness is arguably the most popular makeup color of the season, surpassing even the dark lipstick trend. Defying old-school beauty rules, peach makeup has become a constant presence in the past couple of chilly months, making its way onto our vanities in myriad forms — nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, liner, nail polish, lipstick, liner, and so forth.

We’ve seen it in droves on the runway during the spring/summer 2022 Fashion Month. At Drome during Milan Fashion Week, peach took the form of bright yet simple rims of eyeliner. At Etro the same week, vibrant peach blush punctuated gem-studded undereyes. A similar orangey blush made its way down the runway at Christian Cowan at New York Fashion Week, as did abstract peach eye shadow at Rodarte. To fully understand the hype around peach tones, we asked makeup artists why peach makeup is so damn flattering, and how to pull off one of the biggest trends of the moment.

What makes peach makeup so flattering?

So what’s all the fuss over this fruit-inspired shade? To put it simply, it looks incredible on everyone. No matter how fair or deep your complexion, peach gives you a warm, yet skin-brightening glow. 

“Because peach can be a brightener for translucent undereyes or hyperpigmentation that appears blue or grey — on the color wheel, the opposite of blue is orange — peach can add a lot of light to the face,” makeup artist Tommy Napoli explains to Allure. “This means one can neutralize versus covering with base or foundation or concealer in a thick way.” In layman’s terms, peach in any format is the worst nightmare of dark spots and dullness. 

Etro Spring/Summer 2022
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