No, Billie Eilish Eilish Eau de Parfum Doesn’t Smell Like Teenage Wasteland

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The single most annoying thing about being a Who fan is when people find out you’re one and proceed to say, “Oh yeah! I really dig them too! That song Teenage Wasteland is epic!” And you’re either one of those people that doesn’t like to correct others and just sits nodding and smiling only to later slam your head on the table in front of you or you’re bold enough to defend your favorite band’s song and tell them, “I think you mean Baba O’Riley!” I typically hate correcting people so, I smile, grit my teeth, and do the slamming of the head later.

That bridge will forever alter the title of that song. Do they regret it as much as I do?

Speaking of Teenage Wasteland if you thought the new Billie Eilish Eilish Eau de Parfum was gonna smell like teenage wasteland, teen spirit, or teen angst you’d be wrong.

I think we can all say that Billie has is seriously talented and initially, we may have chalked her up as another disposable teen musician but in reality, she’s and her brother are incredible artists. That being said a fragrance from Billie came unexpectedly for me.

As alt as Billie is the idea of her sitting down and creating a “celeb fragrance” really threw me for a curveball. I do lump Billie into a more alternative personality. She’s different, doesn’t flow the normal flow of Hollywood and celebs, her music isn’t really mainstream, and I can’t really picture her to agreeing to do anything related to beauty.

But how wrong I am because here we are with a new Billie Eilish Perfume! Did you think that would happen? Because I didn’t.

And did you think it would get such ravings reviews? Because I didn’t.

Eilish Perfume initially launched back in December on a branded website and sold-out super fast and remained sold out for several weeks after the initial launch. Word on the street is this smells amazing! It’s an amber gourmand with many people saying it gives off a chocolate-y vanilla vibe.

It does contain an initial blast of mandarin and berries with sugary floral petals and a creamy vanilla heart with spices and cocoa with a woods, warm musk drydown. I haven’t smelled it yet but it’s likely going to be a blind buy for me shortly since it launched at finally. You know I’m a lover of gourmands so, of course, I need to try this for myself.

I was being cheap and didn’t order this off the Eilish website because I didn’t want to pay shipping. It always does my head in that I’m willing to drop hundreds of dollars on luxury fragrances but ask me to spend $5.95 on shipping and I’m like, “Um no thanks!”

I’m very happy that it’s now at Ulta.

Expect a review soon of the new Billie Eilish Eilish Eau de Parfum.

Has anyone smelled it yet?

Your thoughts?

Do share!

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