Mindy Kaling Channeled Elle Woods and Barbie With Her Monochrome Hot Pink Suit

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Winter is coming, but that hasn’t stopped Mindy Kaling from wearing a bright pink outfit reminiscent of spring. 

In a new Instagram post, the writer-actor rocked a hot pink double-breasted blazer with matching wide-leg, high-waist trousers from Alberta Ferretti. She paired the suit with a darker pink silk shirt and accessorized with silver rings and hot pink pointed-toe pumps. It’s giving Elle Woods, it’s giving Barbie, and most importantly, it’s giving Mindy Kaling. (Ironically, Kaling is cowriting the script for Legally Blonde 3.)

Kaling wore the suit in the nursery at the Kaling International offices, which she shared on Instagram Tuesday, November 23. “The room I love the most in our new @kalinginternational offices is the nursery,” Kaling wrote. “I feel lucky to be able to work and have a cozy place down the hall for my littles to hang, nap, and be themselves. Here’s a glimpse!”

Check out the full look, below, which Kaling shared on Instagram:

Mindy Kaling is in the midst of promoting her new series The Sex Lives of College Girls, which she cocreated. It premiered on HBO Max November 18. The show, which tells the story of four roommates navigating new freedom at university, has received great reviews for being a funny and honest portrayal of college life. 

“I loved my college experience,” Kaling told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. “I went to school in New Hampshire at Dartmouth, which is so cinematic. There’s the four seasons, and the fall is so beautiful, and the winter is so snowy. But the only thing going on is the social life and partying there. It’s not one of these much cooler urban campuses where you can have a life outside campus. It’s, in a lot of ways, the quintessential college experience, and I had never seen it on screen before.”

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