Meghan Markle Did a Surprise Interview on Ellen, and We Have a Sneak Peek

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The Duchess of Sussex is making a grand return to talk shows. On Thursday, November 18, Meghan Markle will make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with an interview. And we have a little preview. 

In the sneak peak of the chat, Markle discusses her experience as a struggling actor. She told DeGeneres she would regularly visit the Warner Bros. lot, in which The Ellen Show is taped, to go on auditions. (This was all before her Prince Harry royalty days, of course.) 

“The security guards would always say, ‘Break a leg! We hope you get it!’” Markle recalled. “So the drive in today was very different.” When DeGeneres asked if she came so often for auditions that the security guards recognized her, she said, “I think they probably said it to everybody. That’s how nice they were.”

Markle also reminisced about her old car, a Ford Explorer Sport, that had a few quirks and a “life of its own.” Markle said that, eventually, the keys didn’t work on the door to the driver’s side, so she had to get in and out of the car in creative ways. 

“I would park in the back of the parking lot and open the trunk, then climb in and pull it shut behind me and crawl over all my seats to get out,” Markle said. “That’s how I would come to and fro.” If anyone was nearby, Markle said she would pretend she was looking for something in her trunk. 

For her Ellen appearance, Meghan Markle, as always, wore a chic outfit paired with impeccable glam. She chose a crisp white high-neck blouse with billowing sleeves with cutouts paired with black trousers and a belt. For footwear, she wore black pointed-toe heels. Markle wore her hair down in soft curls with copper shimmery shadow and a pink lip. 

Watch the clip below, and expect the full interview on Ellen November 18.

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