Megan Tries It: My New Hair Secret for Smooth Curls and Romantic Flyaways

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Megan Tries It: My New Hair Secret for Smooth Curls and Romantic Flyaways

Megan Tries It

I don’t love admitting it, but a lot of thought goes into my messy hair: flyaways floating nimbus-like around my head and tendrils unfurling from my bun as if, in my haste to get out the door, I didn’t have time to tuck them securely back with bobby pins. To get this look, however, I stand at the mirror in my bedroom, carefully extracting each crinkly piece I want coiling down my neck. That kind of haphazardness is an art.

Achieving it has just become much easier, and I couldn’t be happier. This new preshampoo hair serum makes a noticeable difference in how my hair looks and feels. I’m obsessed with the way it softly sculpts my curls—they now float and tumble in that alluring, impossible photo-shoot-and-hair-video way. It smooths my otherwise-raggedy ends so fantastically that the other day, I found myself trying to remember if I’d gotten a trim. And I’m always in the mood for its faint scent—a gorgeous, subtle citrus.

The magic works on dramatically different hair types, too: Our associate beauty editor Brianna’s straight blonde cascade looked even shinier and more gently windswept than usual over Zoom. “Wait, I started using the hair serum, too!” she laughed, when I asked what was up.

It’s important to note that the serum is not a hair oil. I love and still use hair oils (see below), and though this looks like one, it works differently. Think of it as the first step—the foundation of your hair routine.

Smooth it through dry hair from root to ends, leaving it on for at least twenty minutes to sink in and work its nourishing, moisturizing magic. Curly and kinky textures tend to be drier and more prone to frizz; the serum leaves my hair manageable, so it’s easier to detangle and style—more on that in my routine below. On hair-washing days (once or twice a week), I take a brief break midday to massage about a dropper and a half of serum into my hair. I toss my hair into a loose high bun, extracting a few tendrils, or twirl little sections into Bantu knots. I finish out the workday and shampoo and condition just before bed. I wake up to the silkiest mess of bouncy curls.

A Hair Routine for Curly, Frizzy Hair


Once a week, I shampoo with the goop scalp scrub, a whipped mousse studded with exfoliating pink Himalayan salt that detoxifies the scalp, cleansing it of dirt, oil, and product buildup. It’s tinged with rosemary and peppermint, and its amazing smell suffuses the entire shower as I lather, which is just heaven.


Then I work in Sangre de Fruta conditioner and leave it on for three minutes as I wash my body, luxuriate, and shave. It leaves my hair plush and deeply nourished. The giant black pump bottle is by far the most glamorous thing in my bathroom.


Brushing my hair only in the shower, when it’s saturated in conditioner, minimizes breakage and is key to my carefully calibrated look of offhandedness. (Brushing my curls when they’re dry results in a gorgeous halo-like Afro puff, which I love for special occasions.) Most brushes only gloss the surface—and wielding a comb can be misery, not to mention damaging—but this brush is incredible. The bendy bristles get right in there, unraveling snarls, knots, and matted sections, plus the feel of them grazing my scalp is spectacular.


I wrap my sopping curls in an Aquis turban towel, designed to minimize frizz with special super absorbent fibers that are softer than terry cloth and don’t create as much friction with your hair, which—I can’t emphasize enough—is especially prone to breakage when it’s wet.


I work in a small scoop of this intensely moisturizing, curl-defining cream—it nourishes with rahua oil, shea butter, and yerba mate leaf—and let my hair air-dry. It’s instant glorious curly beachy texture.


After sweaty workouts and going many days without brushing my hair, I resuscitate my curls with this multipurpose hair oil. I work in about a dropperful, and the supremely moisturizing castor oil is almost instantly curl-reviving and frizz-taming.


Need help figuring out where to add these into your routine? Have a specific question? Send a message to the pros at [email protected] for personalized assistance.

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