Mascara, Sweatsuits, and Sound Machines: What Hunter McGrady Is Buying Now

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Mascara, Sweatsuits, and Sound Machines: What Hunter McGrady Is Buying Now

In that spirit—for another addition of Glamour’s Your Fave’s Faves, McGrady, who is partnered with Olay, walked us through all of the things that are keeping her happy and sane these days. 

The last great thing I read

Katie Couric’s book Going There. Oh my god, she’s amazing, I think she’s absolutely brilliant. I have always followed her career because I would love a career like hers. I am just such a huge fan, and it was brilliant. It was an easy read—it only took a couple days. I would highly recommend it.

A beauty product I’m obsessed with

I have really been loving the Rare beauty mascara that just came out. It’s been my go-to. I’m such a sucker for skincare—I’m an Olay girl. And then if I have time I’ll put on mascara, and that’s pretty much all I have time for lately.

My favorite way to spend a day off

Probably hanging out with my son—I love to just take him on walks, go to the park. When you have a little baby everything is kind of re-experienced again because everything is new in their eyes, so that’s really exciting. He finally found himself in the mirror and he’s so enamored with himself. He just sits and looks at himself and smiles and giggles, and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. It reminds me that at one point we all once looked at ourselves that way. We all thought we were fabulous. It’s the most wholesome, wonderful thing.

My go-to skincare product 

I am always an Olay girl, through and through. Since I was 16 years old, I used Olay products. They just launched their Vitamin C + Peptide 24 line—I have been using that for the past couple months, and it has been game changing. Any time they come out with a new product, I’m like, “Let me get my hands on it, let me try it out!” Because I know if it’s as good as their Regenerist, their retinol, everything like that, then it’s amazing.

My favorite thing in my closet

I absolutely love Juicy sweatsuits!  I thrived in the early 2000s in a tracksuit, and I still have all of them. Currently I have this amazing electric yellow Juicy Couture track suit that Olay has sent me, because they’re doing a cyber-Monday deal with Juicy, where the tracksuit is exclusively available on, and if you spend $150 you get this Juicy tracksuit. They sent it to me, and it has this bedazzled Juicy back, and I have been absolutely living in it. My husband jokes that this is really, truly where I shine. I have pink, I have a couple of black ones, I have this lime green one that was like a special order, I might have a red one, and of course the bright yellow one that Olay is doing with Juicy. I certainly don’t fit in a lot of them anymore, but I’m keeping them for…maybe one day, who knows? My daughter will maybe want to wear them too.

The TV show I’ve been loving 

Impeachment: American Crime Story with Beanie Feldstein! First, I’m a Beanie fan. But also, I’m just so interested in the whole thing that happened with Monica Lewinsky and how it played out, and her story. I think that they did such a wonderful job, the whole cast and crew are so brilliant. It’s another one that’s an easy watch, because you just don’t want to stop watching.

My must-have new mom product or gadget 

A sound machine! I literally use the Hatch sound machine every nap time and then at nighttime. It is amazing because it drowns out any sound outside and it also kind of mimics what the baby hears in the womb. It’s been really, really crucial for him getting sleep, and he’s been such a great sleeper because of it.

My favorite recent purchase

I have to say—it’s funny when you’re a mom, everything ends up revolving around your kid. Recently I bought Hudson a tiny little Christmas tree with a bunch of dinosaur and space ornaments and it’s my favorite thing ever. 

The most comfortable shoes I own 

My very, very, very beat up, walked-in-Manhattan-miles-and-miles Converse. They are white with a gold toe. And heck yes, I pair them with the Juicy tracksuits. That’s my go-to outfit. I’m so happy that the Y2k trends are back—I love when a trend comes back in fashion because I’m someone who keep everything and hopes it comes back one day! I live for the butterfly clips. I think that is so cute and so fun. I love when fashion does these revivals. It’s very nostalgic and exciting, and I think we all really need that right now.

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. You can follow her on Twitter. 

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