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Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 706

So…what is the Monday Poll?

Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a list of more or less random questions I’ve been posting on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years (since 2007).

1. Sheet masks: love them or leave them?

Leave ‘em, because for some reason I just can’t get them to stay on my face without holding my head at a weird angle. They always end up sliding right off. Give me a good old fashioned face mask that you squeeze out of a tube and apply with your fingers any old day!

2. How’s your holiday shopping going?

It’s actually going great. I’m almost done!

3. Cheesecake or Jell-O?

Oh gosh, cheesecake, 100%. I like Jell-O but it’s not like I’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night craving it. Cheesecake, though, is another story.

4. Do you wear sunscreen in the winter?

Heck ya, girl! I’m on that sunscreen train 365 day of the year now (it’s a hyperpigmentation thing).

5. Fiction or nonfiction?

Fiction, if it’s for reading solely for pleasure.

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