Kristen Stewart’s Best Looks of 2021

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Kristen Stewart’s Best Looks of 2021

Kristen Stewart has had quite the year—and it shows in her style

The actor is the current front-runner for the Oscar for best actress for her chilling, transformative performance in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, which tells a fictionalized story of Princess Diana over three days on Christmas holiday with the royal family in the 1990s. The film dives deep into Diana’s psyche, and Stewart’s performance is absorbing—she disappears into the role. 

And because it is such an Oscar-worthy performance, Stewart has been promoting the hell out of Spencer for months. Lucky for us, she’s taken full advantage of her ambassadorship with Chanel to deliver memorable looks that reflect her edgy, slightly punk personal style while honoring Princess Diana’s ’90s elegance. 

Stewart has cleverly paired her brilliant performance with brilliant style, and she continues to deliver look after look, pulling off everything from mint green pajamas to sheer lace leggings with a thong to a goth Barbie ensemble. 

But her street style is just as inspiring: Stewart goes for comfort while sticking to her edgy aesthetic and trying out current trends. Here’s all of Kristen Stewart’s best looks from 2021.

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