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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and of course, the boring, snoring chocolate gifts are on the horizon. Well, technically speaking, chocolate everything has been available since December 20th or so around here. I’m sure you’ve all been victims of what I like to call the “seasonal rush”. This is when stores hurriedly get out seasonal decor, gifts, etc… I only accept seasonal rush for one Holiday. Halloween! When Halloween hits stores in July I’m doing a little happy dance and singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”. Any other rushed season or Holiday I am not about. So, yes, when I see Easter and Valentine’s Day hitting stores in December I groan and roll my eyes.

Valentine’s chocolates have been pretty much at most places around here since the end of December. Target was a little late putting them out this year and we didn’t see them pop up until the first week of January.

I’ve always been of the mentality that we don’t need one day to express our love for each other but I’m also not averse to purchasing a box of Star Wars Mandalorian Valentine’s Day Cards and sending them along with a Mandalorian Valentine’s Day Lollipop Rings to friends just to tell them I love them. Sometimes you just gotta embrace the commercialism of it all. This is the way.

Now, I think we can all agree that chocolate is one of the biggest gift grabs for Valentine’s Day. And perfume! Don’t forget the perfume! From one fragrance lover to another, I’d say perfume is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. But it’s also a personal and a very difficult one since purchasing a fragrance can be challenging for the gift giver.

Speaking about perfume gifts for Valentine’s Day…

The new Kiko Sweet Affaires Melting In Love Scent for Valentine’s Day 2022 launched recently.

I haven’t seen Kiko do a perfume since the Sahara Sun and Oasis Sunset Eau De Toilette was launched back with the Lovegrove Summer 2016 Collection.

Those were the days my friends.

Kiko launched their Sweet Affaires Valentine’s Day 2022/Spring 2022 Collection earlier this month and for once, it didn’t grab my attention. I readily admit that Kiko Collections tend to make me hyper and I end up purchasing the entire collection in one go. But lately, I’ve slowed my roll and some of their stuff hasn’t been as appealing as it once was. The Valentine’s Day Collections are typically my favorite of the entire year. But this year, I was a little meh on this launch but what did catch my eye was the Kiko Sweet Affaires Melting In Love Scent. I stupidly sat and waited a few days to buy it because I was being cheap about paying shipping and of course, it sold out.

The regret I have.

Such regret.

I hope it comes back in stock but now we can only daydream about the yummy notes of dark chocolate mousse, vanilla, and musk. Sigh…..! Such regret.

On that note, some of my OG readers will remember I’m not a big fan of chocolate fragrances but one day I discovered Al-Rehab Choco Musk (thanks to a lovely reader) and suddenly I was very much a chocolate fragrance lover. I think Serendipitous didn’t help either because that stuff smells good enough to eat (Yes, Serendipity3 has its own perfume).

You can be alerted when Kiko Sweet Affaires Melting In Love Scent returns for purchase on the brand’s website.

I know I want to get my hands on this one.

Kiko Sweet Affaires Melting In Love Scent is $19 and is available for a limited time.

Do you want to smell it?

Where to buy

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