Kacey Musgraves’ Cherry Blossom Pink Hair Is Almost Too Pretty

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Kacey Musgraves has gone full bubblegum princess, and it’s some strawberry shortcake perfection. On Wednesday, November 24, the Grammy-nominated country artist debuted petal pink hair on Instagram, and it’s so gorgeous.

Though she’s always played with color in her outfits and makeup, Musgraves has made her long, shiny dark mane something of a trademark, going briefly blonde for a Barbie-inspired look at the Meta Gala but then right back to brunette. So this transformation is something altogether new.

On Instagram, Musgraves shouted out the artists who helped her achieve the look, citing hairstylist Giovanni Delgado as the mastermind behind her new hair. November 24 just happens to be Delgado’s birthday, and Musgraves also shared some pictures of them together over the years; a quick scroll through his grid reveals that they’ve been friends and collaborators for a long time now. It’s so important to have someone you trust if you’re thinking of going for such a dramatic transformation.

“I’m your cherry blossom baby,” the singer wrote on her Stories. She also used the cherry blossom emoji on her grid post of the new look, and the shade of the petal matches the shade of her hair almost exactly. On the post, she wrote, “🌸 don’t let me blow away 🌸.”

For those who don’t know, “I’m your cherry blossom baby/ don’t let me blow away” is a lyric from her song “cherry blossom” from Kacey Musgraves’ recent divorce-inspired album Star-Crossed.

It’s all the more impressive that Musgraves and Delgado achieved this bright shade with hair that’s naturally dark. Blondes can easily apply a wash or go up a shade with a single bleach application, but for dark-haired girls, it takes forever just to get your hair light enough that it’ll take the bright color, and it looks like they didn’t lose much length in the process. Reveal your secrets, please!

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