Jessica Alba Chopped Off Her Hair Into a Flipped-Out Bob

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Jessica Alba Chopped Off Her Hair Into a Flipped-Out Bob

Celebrities are confusing and magical creatures. Because of their access to the most expensive and skilled hair services, they can have super long hair one day, a buzz cut the next, and pink beachy waves the next-next. Take Jessica Alba, for example. Even if you follow her closely on Instragram — and perhaps because you follow her closely on Instagram — it can be hard to tell what length and color the actor and entrepreneur’s hair is on any given day. She seems to change it up within hours sometimes! But one thing is abundantly clear, at least at the moment: Jessica Alba has chopped off her hair, and she’s rocking a contemporary take on the retro flipped-out bob.

Those who’ve been paying close attention know that Alba made the initial chop in mid-November, when Los Angeles-based stylist Brittney Ryan took more than a few inches off the Honest Beauty founder’s length. The very next day, however, Alba shared a video in which her hair is long, not to mention a lighter shade of brown. But even though most of the photos and videos she’s posted in the last three weeks have shown her with longer hair, it’s safe to say, Alba is definitely living and loving the bob life.

Earlier this week, Alba posted the cutest campaign shots in which she’s proudly wearing her new chin-length ‘do. But it has already changed a little since November’s big chop. Alba is now wearing it with the ends flipped out — but not the way bobs flipped out in the ‘60s or even the ’90s. This entirely fresh take on the flip features a very subtle wave, and choppy, not-overly-styled ends. She keeps it tucked behind one ear for an effortlessly cute look.

Also new: Her hair definitely seems a bit lighter than it did when she first cut it, at which point it was almost black. 

Will Alba post a photo in the next few days showing her with long hair again? If the past is any indication of the future, absolutely. But we’ll be on the lookout for more bob pics, especially considering it’s one of the biggest trends of the coming year, and we need inspo photos to bring to the salon.

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