I’m Gushing Over Gabrielle Union’s Matching Hairstyles With Her Daughter

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I’m Gushing Over Gabrielle Union’s Matching Hairstyles With Her Daughter

The internet cannot get enough of Gabrielle Union and her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade. The expressive (and oftentimes hilarious) facial expressions leave no room for interpretation as Kaavia’s looks (specifically her big brown eyes) tell exactly what she’s feeling. Just as she did during one bathtub washday and a heart-warming, mole-loving video, the three-year-old always tells you exactly what’s on her mind. Most recently, on Friday, December 10, Gabrielle posted a series of photos to Instagram of her and her daughter during a glam session, during which Kaavia was having none of it. 

My first reaction was to crack up and wonder what went through this makeup artist’s mind as she pretended to add blush to Kaavia’s stuffed animal — which didn’t earn even the slightest smile from Kaavia, just glares. And when it was Kaavia’s turn to get her own makeup done, Gabrielle captioned the photo precisely what we’re all thinking, “Not sure @kaaviajames sees the vision.”

Just two days later, on Sunday, December 12, we were blessed with more Kaavia content on her mother’s Instagram — but this time some gushy, heart-warming photos. In what looks like Kaavia’s playroom, she and Gabrielle shared a kiss with somewhat matching hairstyles. Gabrielle captioned the photo: “Rough week but turns out coloring with @kaaviajames was the answer all along. A lit [angel]. May we always get a touch of unexpected kindness when we least expect it and need it most.” Rocking new hairstyles since Gabrielle’s previous post, the three-year-old had her hair up in a bun mohawk while Gabrielle wore her hair half up, half down with a long, bubble ponytail and bun on top

Craving more Kaavia content? Don’t worry, she has her own Instagram account where Gabrielle and father Dwyane Wade post even more adorable content of their daughter. Personally, I’m waiting for her TikTok account, like Penelope Disick’s and North West’s — she can’t be that far away.

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