Ilia’s New Volumizing Mascara Delivers the Dramatic Lashes I’m Craving

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Ilia’s New Volumizing Mascara Delivers the Dramatic Lashes I’m Craving

The violin-shaped brush — as the brand calls it — is pretty straightforward and similar to the hourglass brushes I’ve used in the past. In case you needed a reminder from a few paragraphs ago, I have naturally very short, straight lashes. On camera, they’re barely discernable at all (see above left photo). My issue with all hourglass-like brushes is that the thicker end isn’t able to pick up a few outermost lashes. So, if I want to avoid streaks all across my lids, I have to carefully hold the brush vertically in order to coat the stragglers. While this isn’t a comparison of the two mascaras, the Limitless’s unique, comb-like brush definitely offers more precision and control. But the two clearly serve different purposes and I’m here for both. 

Other than that, I’ve absolutely warmed up to Fullest Lash. Even during one of my most objectively stressful weeks in recent memory, I look alert and wide-eyed. This mascara doesn’t budge, flake, or streak like most mascaras do after a few hours. After purposefully splashing water on my face and giving myself a lovely wake-up call, I think it’s safe to say that this formula is pretty water-resistant. (Note: Plavsic tells us that, while Fullesh Lash isn’t considered waterproof or water-resistant, it does “hold in place well through wear and tear.”) And, as with waterproof mascaras, I do find it easiest to remove with a cleansing oil. My current favorites are Curél Makeup Cleansing Oil and Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil. Otherwise, it takes multiple rounds of micellar water, which is too harsh for my liking. 

The best part is that I only need one coat to get the full, volumizing, and pitch-black effect, which can be attributed to the lash-boosting team of beeswax, synthetic beeswax, and carnauba wax. (Note: While Ilia has tried to do away with beeswax in the past, Plavsic explains that the longevity of the mascara is unmatched in terms of the formula containing beeswax versus all synthetic waxes.) I’ve never been a mascara-layering person — call it laziness or disdain towards potential clumpiness — but this formula dries down what feels like almost instantly, so adding coats would be done in vain. Whatever saves time is a winner in my book.

If you’re in the market for a new mascara that dials up the drama without clumping or smudging, you can pick up the Ilia Fullest Lash Volumizing Mascara for yourself at for $28 starting today, August 3.

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