I Want To Get You Out Of Your Beauty Rut Can I Tempt You With These Offerings?

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Are you in a beauty rut? Has your beauty bubble broken? Are you just not excited about the latest eyeshadow palette launch? Are new makeup collections miserably failing to get you excited?

I know the feeling. I’ve been in a color cosmetic rut for several months now. I’m just not feeling the joy lately for new releases and the launch of a brand new sparkly eyeshadow really doesn’t enchant me. Is it being inside all day courtesy of COVID that’s put me in this beauty rut? Have beauty brands force-feed new releases too quickly? Is my collection oversaturated with the same shades in different packaging? Is there nothing new in the makeup and beauty world to tempt me?

I wouldn’t say there’s nothing to tempt me.

Here’s some makeup and beauty maybe I can tempt you with.

This week I gently reminded myself to shop my own fragrance collection and also, to buy something new and exciting for myself. I recently discovered a wonderful Tiktoker and content creator that does fragrance reviews by the name of Funmimonet. Fun fact, she’s launching her own fragrance this week. She’s glamourous, she’s transparent, and she’s awesome at fragrance reviews. She’s also making me broke with her recommendations but I’m loving every single second of it.

She reminded me that even though I’m slightly on a color cosmetic hiatus that I’m still incredibly passionate about fragrance.

It’s not the most popular of items in the world right now but Kayali Eden Juicy Apple totally uplifted my spirits during this bitter cold we have at the moment. I love this scent and I’m so glad I purchased the larger bottle. It smells a lot like Bath and Body Works In the Stars with juicy sweet apple notes. It’s a keeper! If you’re scared to dive into it with the larger bottle check out the Eden Juicy Apple Mini Perfume and Lip Set that’s $30 and includes a full-size liquid lipstick as well as a 0.34 bottle of the scent at sephora.com!

I also treated myself to a bottle of Qasamat Bareeq which Funmimonet recommended and oh lord it’s a keeper. This is very much a BR540 dupe! It’s also beast mode so you’re getting a more extrait experience with this beauty. It’s delicious. Erotic, naughty cotton candy vibes all the way! Smells very much like the legendary BR540 at a fraction of the price.

I’m not sure if you agree but sometimes you have to find the joy in the little things in life. My little thing? A tube of Cerave Healing Ointment! I love this stuff. I started slugging again with this and I don’t regret it at all. My skin has been very tight and dry lately due to the severely cold weather and a tiny bit of this applied on my face at night to seal in all my other sincare goodies at night is just the trick to restore moisture an ease that dry, tight feeling as well as getting rid of those patchy dry areas on my face which results in smoother lookin makeup! I even put some under my eyes and on my lips!

Find the joy in the little skincare purchases in life

Speaking of Cerave if I can’t tempt you into slugging I’d highly recommend the CeraVe Skin Renewing Gel Oil for those dry skin days!

I’ll tell you another little something else tempting me today but keep in mind I’m still somewhat off color cosmetics. The bright yellow and lovely peach coral shades in the Can You Beelieve Super Shock Shadow Kit from Colourpop caught my eye and I’m thinking I need them to come live in my makeup collection for Spring looks? Aren’t these colors yummy?

Also, that Wildflower Honey Sol Shimmering Body Powder is shouting at me to buy it and use it as a blush. Do you think it’ll work out?

What are you tempted by lately even if you are stuck in a beauty rut?

Are there things you avoid but things that still tempt you?

Do share!

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