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How to Be a (Very) Hot 76

The Beauty Closet Questionnaire

Secret weapons for skin?

Sleep, clean diet, and exercise.


Elizabeth Racine, who is eighty-six and a friend and mentor who happens to be an astrologer who has been the voice of reason in my life. Her words of advice: “Be with the person you deserve.”

Favorite pasta dish?

Spaghetti squash pasta.

Preferred form of exercise?

I love exercise: Physique 57, yoga, Gyrokinesis Method, and if there is dancing, I am there.

Secret to feeling and looking good no matter what your age?

The spirit!

How often do you recharge your crystals?

My crystals don’t need recharging. ?

First job?

Worked in my stepfather’s candy store.

The things you buy in bulk?

Mostly household products, because food is usually plant-based.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

After an acupuncture face-lift, which is like having a very good night’s sleep. Also: after a great workout.

Go-to weeknight recipe?

Salad with lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and a pureed soup I make in my Bullet. Or a smoothie.

goopiest moment?

My goopiest moment is a day that includes dancing for hours, then a ninety-minute massage, sitting in a soaking tub listening to music I love to sing to (like Etta James), and then cuddling.

Favorite hotel?

Royal Mansour.

Perfect Sunday afternoon?

Chilling with my guy and my dog.

Favorite book?

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

First celebrity crush?

Ricky Nelson.

How did you spend your last vacation?

For the first time in ten years, I stayed home, worked out, ate healthy delicious food, plus meditation, sleep, movies, concert, and Broadway shows: perfect. No packing, unpacking, planes, or cars–simple.

goopiest thing you’ll never try?

I will try anything!

What would you put on your neon sign?


Proudest moment?

To see folks or students I’ve mentored succeed.


They’re a definite go-to for me. I work with Jingduan Yang, MD, in New Jersey–he’s a Western doctor and an accredited acupuncture doctor. The results are a fresh look equal to what a restful vacation achieves. A true acupuncture face-lift includes face and body and is designed individually, for overall assessment of the patient’s well-being.

I try to go weekly or monthly, but if you have a special event, you can do it more than once a week. Because it’s a holistic experience, acupuncture has positive side effects, like better sleep and improving overall well-being in addition to the lift. All the health benefits contribute to the fresh look we all love.

Jingduan Yang, MD, is a physician, a board-certified psychiatrist, an integrative medicine expert, and a fifth-generation teacher and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, who specializes in clinical acupuncture.

Jingduan Yang, MD, FAPA
999 NJ-73 #200, Marlton, NJ 08053

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