How in the World Did We Miss Tia Mowry’s Opulent-as-Hell Beaded Braid?

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How in the World Did We Miss Tia Mowry’s Opulent-as-Hell Beaded Braid?

Just over two decades ago, Tia Mowry-Hardrict was running the Disney Channel alongside her twin sister, Tamera Mowry-Housley, in their hit TV show Sister, Sister. Nowadays, you’ll find her promoting delicious-looking recipes, sharing photos of her beautiful family, or participating in the latest TikTok trends while keeping her millions of fans entertained. She also never fails to give her followers beautiful looks to gawk over, and we especially love all the fun things she does with her hair. This time around, she’s showing exactly how you can accessorize a braid with jewelry. 

The Game actor shared a selfie of her beaded braid with her more than nine million followers who couldn’t get enough of the hairstyle. This isn’t a braid that starts at the base of her neck or even the crown of her head. Instead, she opted for a side braid that winds across the perimeter of her head and falls right in front of her ear to about midway down her chest. This plait is anything but simple because silver beaded chains — possibly pearl necklaces? —  were interwoven through the braid. These beaded chains are visible around the ear area with the very ends of the chains falling a few inches below the braid itself. We love how the sizes of the beads aren’t consistent throughout the metallic chains, making the braid even more interesting to look at. 

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Though she shared the photo with Instagram fans on Jan 4, she wore this hairstyle in early December for a fundraiser event hosted by Brooks Brothers. The braid wasn’t the only fire thing in this look. Of course, all her makeup looks flawless, but it’s the eyes that are drawing us in most. She’s wearing a shimmery silver smoky eye that complements both the beaded braid and the light gray turtleneck she’s wearing. 

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Truthfully, Mowry has shown she can do no wrong since her early days on Disney Channel. Longtime fans like us love how year after year she’s giving us beauty looks to ooh and aah over. We are always excited to see what’s next, whether it’s a gorgeous hairstyle, fabulous outfit, or the next hit recipe. 

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