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Raj Shah 2/15Need a gift? We’ve got you covered. Give the gift of Allure Beauty Box this season. Plus, you’ll get a gift note to share with your recipient while they await their first box. Order by midnight 12/7 PT for physical delivery by 12/24.+Gift now+

3/15Unboxing | November 2021 | Tarte, Wander Beauty, Eyeko and more!

Raj Shah 4/15Tarte Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow & Liner in Rose Gold Luster & Black (full size)Why you’ll love it: On one end, you’ll find one of the smoothest black liners you’ll ever try. The creamy texture glides along your lash line for major color payoff. On the other, a rose-gold shadow stick for brightening up your eyes.How you’ll use it: Trace your upper lashes with the liner and then run the shadow stick right on top for the easiest smudgy, smoky eyes. Use a clean finger to blend the shadow up and out for even more smokiness. When you want a more graphic look, the precise liner creates smooth, intense cat eyes. Add the rose gold to the inner corners of your eyes.+Subscribe now+

Raj Shah 5/15Wander Beauty Upgraded Lashes Treatment Mascara (full size)Why you’ll love it: This mascara gives eyes all the glam without the unwanted drama of smudging, flaking, and clumping. Its hourglass brush is covered with comb-like bristles to separate every single lash for maximum definition. Plus, the jet-black formula is infused with conditioning peptides and nourishing panthenol, so lashes are nourished with every swipe.How you’ll use it: Apply one or two coats for a my-lashes-but-better effect, or layer on the buildable, mess-free mascara for a perfectly fanned-out fringe.+Subscribe now+

Raj Shah 6/15Eyeko Eyelash Curler (full size)Why you’ll love it: You don’t need a surgeon’s steady hand to get lifted, curled lashes. The gentle arc and cushy pad of this tool make it easy to use (no accidental pinching here!) and the handle rests comfortably on your cheek to make curling a breeze.How you’ll use it: There are so many different techniques for curling lashes, but we love this one shared by a top makeup artist: Curl your lashes by the base, apply one coat of mascara, let it dry completely, curl again, and then apply more mascara. Waiting a few seconds before going back in with the curler is key. If your lashes are wet, they may stick to the curler or clump.+Subscribe now+

Raj Shah 7/15Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Youth Repair CreamWhy you’ll love it: Inside this pretty pink jar is a whipped, luxurious cream that coddles skin — a much-needed (and appreciated) feat during colder months. It’s formulated with smoothing peptides (11 of them, to be exact), hydrating hyaluronic acid, and nourishing ceramide to moisturize skin and give it a bouncy, slightly lifted effect.How you’ll use it: Slather it on under sunscreen each morning to give fine lines and laxity a one-two punch, while making skin dewy. It layers nicely over other skin-care products (like your new Whamisa toner, or your usual serum), but it’s also hydrating enough that you can wear it solo on days when you want a more minimal routine.+Subscribe now+

Raj Shah 8/15Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner Deep RichWhy you’ll love it: If you haven’t already tried hydrating toner, you are in for a treat: The prep step makes skin look so much dewier than moisturizer alone. This formula has a soft, waterlike texture, a subtle rose scent, and a radiant finish — the whole shebang makes you feel, smell, and look like you just came from a facial.How you’ll use it: This is meant to be the first step in your morning skin-care routine. Smooth about a nickel-size amount onto damp, freshly cleansed skin, and then give it a few seconds to absorb before layering your other products on top. You can finish with a serum, cream, and/or facial oil (in that order) — and sunscreen always, always goes last.+Subscribe now+

Raj Shah 9/15Pili Ani Self-Care Night Recovery OilWhy you’ll love it: There’s nothing quite like waking up after using this face oil and realizing your skin feels much more hydrated than normal. The blend is stacked with moisturizing squalane and a mighty list of plant-derived extracts, including calendula and chamomile.How you’ll use it: Smooth it on as the last step in your nighttime routine (or use it alone) for smoother, softer skin the next day.+Subscribe now+

Raj Shah 10/15Symply by Helena Simple CleanserWhy you’ll love it: The milky texture, subtle lavender scent, and soothing ingredients (chamomile water and goat’s milk) work together to create a spa-like, zen experience — a perfect beginning (and end) to every day.How you’ll use it: Massage a dime-size amount across damp skin in circular motions to remove makeup (even mascara) and skin care.+Subscribe now+

Raj Shah 11/15Sponsor: Neutrogena Stubborn Blackheads Daily Serum

Raj Shah 12/15Now more than ever, we’re taking time to check out — and check in with ourselves. Whether we’re adding a few extra steps to our skin-care routines or carving out a half-hour for an at-home workout, our “me” time is essential for recharging and rebalancing. That’s what this limited-edition Feel Good Allure Beauty Box is all about. The beauty boosts inside this box are just the thing to perk up your routine, whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes.Allure Beauty Box member-exclusive price: $40Non-member price: $80Not a member? Sign up today. Already a member? Click here to order.

Raj Shah 13/15By the time we wrap up our monthslong testing process each year, the winners feel like part of our family. But, I will be honest, we all play favorites. And that’s what you’re getting in this limited-edition box — some of our all-time favorite Best of Beauty winners. Let’s call them the Best of the Best of Beauty: a YSL Beauty liquid lipstick that won’t quit (or crack), a rosy-tinted Biossance eye cream that appears to brighten on the spot (and meets Allure’s clean standard), and the Lancôme mascara that I’ve personally been reaching for to get lithe, silky lashes since its first win, in 2002. Quantities are limited, so take advantage of these offers before they’re sold out!Allure Beauty Box member-exclusive price: $40Non-member price: $65Not a member? Sign up today. Already a member? Click here to order.

Raj Shah 14/15You’ll find everything from Glo Skin Beauty’s pro-strength exfoliating treatment and a multitasking super-serum from Furtuna Skin, to Glow Recipe’s cooling gel moisturizer and a microdermabrasion mask from Youth to the People. We also included Herbivore’s jade roller to de-puff skin and improve circulation, and more. Quantities are limited, so take advantage of these offers before they’re sold out!Allure Beauty Box member-exclusive price: $40Non-member price: $60Not a member? Sign up today. Already a member? Click here to order.

Raj Shah 15/15This specially curated kit has everything you need to attain dewy, healthy skin, a chic cat eye, perfectly glossy lips, and shiny hair. Some of our handpicked favorites include Peach & Lily’s refining serum, UZ’s award-winning liquid liner, and a gel peel from Saturday Skin. Quantities are limited, so take advantage of these offers before they’re sold out!Allure Beauty Box member-exclusive price: $40Non-member price: $60Not a member? Sign up today. Already a member? Click here to order.

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