Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year, my friend! Along with all the usual wishes for the new year (good luck, good health and all the good things), I hope 2022 treats you with tenderness.

I hope it’s a sweet and gentle year for you, a year full of generosity on all fronts.

I also hope that this year you love yourself unconditionally, and with abandon. You deserve to be lifted up and adored.

On the beauty front, I hope your makeup bag runneth over with pieces that bring smiles to the corners of your eyes. I hope you find a signature scent that encapsulates your soaring spirit. I hope you find a lipstick and blush combo that lights up your sweet face.

You are a good friend, and I so appreciate you.

Happy, happy new year to you!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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