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Hair Goals: What goop Editors Are Obsessing over Right Now

Jean Godfrey-June

executive beauty director

Hair type: Wavy

My hair issue: In the fall and winter, the dry air can make my wavy hair dramatically less wavy, inducing a news-anchor-esque blowout look that I abhor. To encourage what curl is willing to exist at this time of year, I let the shower steam up the bathroom, brush my hair through only once, and hope for the best.

What works: The new hair serum puts the moisture and texture needed for my best waves back into my hair. My news anchor days are over at last—it really is something of a miracle.

A regular towel can rough up my hair into unfabulous frizz—something I didn’t fully appreciate until I tried this magical, chic, luxurious hair towel. There are hairstylists I know who avoid frizz by pressing sopping-wet hair between sheet after sheet of paper towels; this thin, light-as-air microfiber confection accomplishes the same frizz-fighting, curl-preserving thing with ease, not to mention relative sustainability. It also stays in a wrap much more easily than a regular towel and even includes a wide elastic band to secure it with (it hangs nicely on a hook, too).

Conditioning twice makes a huge difference in wave preservation, I think. So I condition in the shower, then spritz in this amazing, green-tea-infused leave-in before my only-once brush-through (extra brushing encourages frizz and, I suspect, extra straightness).

Megan O’Neill

senior beauty editor

Hair type: Curly and thick

My hair issue: While the dream is an effortless-looking, lustrous mussed halo of curls, the reality is often a thicket of burrs and knots that can look matted at the ends. I’m always looking for tricks to make my hair more manageable and defined—but not too defined.

What works: My curls look a thousand times better—springy, shiny, softly abundant—when I deep-condition with this rich, ultramoisturizing hair mask every two weeks or so. It’s as rejuvenating for naturally dry, coarse textures like mine as it is for blow-dried-to-death hair. After doing my twenty minutes with the hair serum and then shampooing, I work in the creamy blend of shea butter and monoi oil, piling it on at the ends, and give it a beat to sink in while I putter around in the shower. (On lazy Sundays when time isn’t of the essence, I might leave it on for an hour and head to the kitchen to make a big-a*s batch of granola for our family snack for the week.) The next day, my hair is silky and way more manageable, and it remains mostly frizzless, even after sweaty early-morning yoga.

I lament not knowing about this brilliant hairbrush earlier (like when I was a little girl, crying, whenever my mom took a comb to my dense tangle of coils). The bendy bristles slice through knots—even the ones you consider just snipping out—and feel incredible grazing your scalp. My favorite way to use the Manta is in the shower, when my curls are dripping with conditioner. As my hair air-dries, the results are immediate: softly defined, downy, bouncy curls that I can’t stop fluffing and running my fingers through.

How cool is a loose, tossed-together, tendrilly bun—especially when secured with one of these luminous scrunchies to give it just the right amount of polish? They’re made of silk, so there’s no snagging or pulling, and sleeping in them is always comfortable. I love the flourish of the ballet-slipper-pink version with high-waisted jeans and a filmy camisole.

Brianna Peters

associate beauty editor

Hair type: Straight, thin, and highlighted

My hair issue: Because I’ve been getting my hair colored for years, my hair texture can get strawlike and flat. The idea is to keep my hair bouncy, smooth, and healthy-looking while also maintaining my cool-blonde highlights.

What works: My results using the hair serum twice a week have just blown me away—my hair is the softest it’s ever been (even my ends!), and it looks and feels significantly shinier and healthier.

A good shampoo is the secret weapon for long-lasting, gorgeous hair color, and finding a clean one specifically for color-treated hair has been a challenge. This one fights dullness and brassiness like nothing else—so much so that the last time I saw my colorist, she asked how I was keeping my color so fresh.

I style with this lighter-than-air, quick-drying dryer. It works miracles for extra shine and frizz control, and it gives my hair lift and volume in record time.

Erica Ndlovu

junior associate beauty editor

Hair type: Curly and thick

My hair issue: My hair is voluminous and a lot to comb through (talk about an arm workout). After years of damage from perms and texturizers, I switched to natural protective styles like braids and sew-in weaves. My scalp also tends to get dry and slightly irritated, so it needs extra love.

What works: My scalp is forever thankful for the Reverie scalp tonic. Not only is the watery texture super refreshing, but the tonic is also ultramoisturizing, with a subtle scent. I love to use it in the middle of the week when I need a quick refresh or whenever my scalp is feeling irritated.

In between sew-in weaves, my hair—my ends in particular—requires extra attention, and the Rahua hair mask is the most ultranourishing treatment. After I shampoo, I comb through the mask and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes (the perfect time to do a face mask). The shea butter and sunflower-seed oil leave my hair looking soft, moisturized, and shiny, with the bounce restored to my curls.


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