GP’s Best Hair Days (and How to Use the Hair Serum That Changed Everything)

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GP’s Best Hair Days (and How to Use the Hair Serum That Changed Everything)


Smooth one to two and a half dropperfuls (less or more depending on your hair texture, length, and abundance) through dry hair. You can work from roots to ends or just apply it to your lengths and ends—again, depending on your hair.


Leave it in for at least twenty minutes, so all the nourishing oils can be fully absorbed (though there’s no time limit on the other end—GP applies it before she works out at Tracy Anderson).


Shampoo and condition as usual. This moisturizing shampoo is wildly popular with staffers of many hair types at goop, and GP loves this rich, silky conditioner.


Use a towel designed specifically for hair and twist (as opposed to agitating) to absorb moisture. This fast-drying one from Aquis is a miracle for helping fight frizz. Some of us like the straight-up towel version; others love the turban.


Comb through carefully, using a detangler or other leave-in if you like (we can’t get enough of the nourishing leave-in spray from Rahua). If you’re looking for less frizz and better texture, the key is to brush as little as possible. The much-obsessed-over brush from Manta goes right through even tough tangles (and feels so good on your scalp), so a single swipe is usually all you need. To get softly defined curls, use the brush in the shower on conditioner-soaked hair.


Style as you normally would. These are some of the bestselling stylers on goop—all work whether you like to blow-dry or air-dry. If you do blow-dry, the new Ga.Ma. is ultralight, ultra-fast-drying, and amazing.

The Long and Short of GP’s Hair Looks

“I’ve had a whole lot of looks through the years,” laughs GP.

“I could have really used the hair serum at this SAG Awards. We were going for a ’90s crimped, beachy, wrecked hair vibe. It does not look great.”

“Matching cuts! Very blonde. We went to the same stylist—Chris McMillan. I love Chris.”

“I had to go brunette for the movie Bounce, and my hair took a beating in the process. It was actually a lot worse trying to go back to blonde.”

Need help figuring out where to add these into your routine? Have a specific question? Send a message to the pros at [email protected] for personalized assistance.

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