Gigi Hadid Just Got Blunt, Eye-Skimming Bangs

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In a new Instagram post, Gigi Hadid shared photos of herself with long, bright coppery red hair with thick, blunt bangs. In the pics, the model is wearing a white cropped vest as a top with matching pleated white trousers. Take a look for yourself, below: 

Gigi Hadid’s look is for an ad for H&M’s collaboration with stylist Ib Kamara. The capsule line includes a variety of recycled fabrics in an effort by the retailer to make fashion more sustainable. The collection, called the Innovation Circular Design Story, features festive designs fit for the holiday season. Innovation Circular Design Story launches in select U.S H&M stores and online December 16. Kamara served as the creative director for the line, and Hadid is helping to promote it. 

“It’s not necessarily what you think of when you think of sustainable materials,” Abigail Kammerzell, H&M’s sustainability manager, told Vogue. “These collections are really a celebration of fashion and fun and joy, and also showcase the potential of sustainable processes and fabrics. By offering great design, we’re able to educate our shoppers and talk to the people who are interested in the sustainability practices that are behind the pieces.”

“Joy and celebration for me are a way for us to go into the new year feeling hopeful,” Kamara told Vogue about the collection. “In the world we are living in now, joy and celebration are what we all need most. I wanted it to be something that when you see it, you pause and it grabs you. The goal really was to create something that demonstrated, without a doubt, that sustainability can be beautiful.” 

“I want to be the person who always uses my platform to share what I’m passionate about, but it’s also scary and something I’ve learned to be cautious about,” Hadid told Glamour in 2017. 

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