Gabrielle Union Belongs in WhoVille With Her Latest Sky-Scraping Hairstyle

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With Christmas nearing rapidly, I really do think that hairstylist Larry J. Sims watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas right before sculpting Gabrielle Union‘s hair into a marvelous updo for the 2021 British Fashion Awards on November 29. Her hair looks exactly like Cindy Lou Who’s signature voluminous updo in the 2000 film adaptation of the story — but without Who’s protruding pretzel-style braids. 

A profile view of Union’s look reveals that inches, in addition to some major volume, were being served on this sky-high hairdo, most likely around five to seven. Just like Cindy Lou, Union’s updo also had a second layer to it in the form of a small bun at the top. 

To reiterate the words that an Instagram user commented on one of Union’s posts from the awards show, this hairstyle is “actually unbelievable.” It’s not every day that you see someone walking around wearing a hairstyle this tall, let alone with this much volume. This fantastical hairstyle seemed to be a thematically-appropriate choice though, considering that Union’s poofy, lime-green dress is also something you don’t see every day. 

Sims also posted two videos of Union’s hairstyle, with one video appropriately captioned, “Go BIG Or Go Home,” alluding to Union’s big hair for the evening. 

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Sadly, Sims didn’t share any details behind the inspiration for this look, but, for now, we’ll just go with the fact that Union’s British Fashion Awards hair is spot on to Who’s. All comparisons aside, Sims’ artistry proves that hair can go sky high, if not higher. In fact, big hair is all the rage right now. You can tap into the trend by trying the “Modern Beehive,” a look that we’ve been seeing pretty much everywhere. 

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