For the Most Natural Look, Use a Brush: Gucci Westman’s Easy-to-Follow Guide

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For the Most Natural Look, Use a Brush: Gucci Westman’s Easy-to-Follow Guide

If makeup brushes seem like something for pros–or people who wear a lot of makeup–Gucci Westman wants you to reconsider. “I’m obsessed,” says the makeup artist and Westman Atelier founder. “They’re my secret weapon–and the key to a natural, no-makeup look.” So as she created her clean line of creamy foundations and skin-boosting face, cheek, and lip pigments, brushes were part of the plan from the start.

“Our brushes come from the best brush maker in the world–Hakuhodo, in Kumano, Japan,” she says. “I fell in love with them years ago when I was first starting out; I couldn’t afford them, but I saved up and got them. Once you’ve used great brushes to do makeup, it’s pretty much impossible to go back.”

With cruelty-free nylon bristles and lacquered hardwood handles crafted of birch from a Forest Stewardship Council-certified forest in Eastern Europe, they’re luxurious objets in and of themselves–just touching one gives us a little boost of confidence. Which is the point: A great brush makes makeup a lot easier.

For Blush: The Baby Blender

“How cute is this?!” exclaims Westman. “I played around with its exact size and shape so it would be perfect for smoothing on blush: It’s rounded, with compact bristles to distribute cream color seamlessly, which gives your skin that naturally flushed look. Dab it into your favorite cream blush–mine is Baby Cheeks, of course–then, using small circles or tiny buffing strokes, work the color into the skin. To soften your angles, work in a circular motion at the apples of your cheeks. For more contour and definition, brush upward along your cheekbones. The brush is also made for mixing colors; it blends like a dream. My favorite combinations are Chouchette with Petal, Dou Dou with Poppet, and Minette with a touch of Poppet–so pretty!”

For Flawless Skin: The Foundation Brush

“Think of this as an extension of your hand,” says Westman. “The tapered, flat bristles create a smooth, refined finish on the skin. Working in gentle sweeping motions close to the skin, use it to blend and smooth in cream makeup. What’s great is you can use it as concealer (just load more pigment onto the brush and apply where needed) or as foundation (use a little less and sheer it out across your face).”

For Stain, Gloss, or Full-On Lipstick:
The Lip Brush

“This brush head is a little wider than most lip brushes, so it picks up what I think is the ideal amount of pigment and creates a seamless curve as color glides over the lips,” says Westman. “And the substantial handle gives you more control. My best tip is to apply color from the center of the mouth outward. This way, the pigment lasts longer in the center, through talking and drinking, while the edges are a little more diffused, which looks more modern.”

For Subtle Highlighting: The Blender Brush

“The shape of this brush does all the work for you,” says Westman. “It hugs your cheekbones just right, giving you a chiseled, face-framing effect. Start at the base of your cheekbones and work upward in a sweeping motion. The brush will naturally guide your hand upward, leaving your skin instantly polished and refined. Two upward sweeps and you’ve got radiance, definition, glow, and warmth. I intentionally made the handle shorter for more control, so color goes on quickly and evenly.”

For Powdered Bronzer, Blush, and More:
The Powder Brush

“This one feels so light and airy against the skin,” says Westman. “The oval shape picks up the perfect amount of powder for the most even application of color. For a warm, beachy glow, sweep the brush across a powder bronzer, tapping off any excess. Then, in a horizontal motion, sweep it over your cheeks, temples, and forehead. Sweep over and under the eyes, too–just don’t go below your cheekbones.”

How to Clean Your Brushes

“Clean your brushes often–at least once a week and more if you use them a lot,” says Westman. “You want to avoid a buildup of oil, debris, and bacteria–stuff you don’t want touching your face! Taking care of your brushes extends their life and makes them work better to give you that flawless, natural look.”

“You can use gentle liquid soap,” Westman says. “First, wet the brush with lukewarm water, then place a drop of soap into the palm of your hand. Use your fingertips to gently massage the makeup or dirt out from the bristles. Rinse, then squeeze out any additional moisture. Reshape the brush head back to its original form and position the bristles over the sink so they can fully dry.”

“Or my favorite brush cleaner is Parian Spirit–it cleans, conditions, and disinfects,” she says. “Pour the liquid into a small bowl or even just the cap, then dip the brush and gently swoosh it back and forth onto a paper towel. Or spray the cleaner directly onto the brush, then let it dry flat on a towel. With Parian Spirit, the brushes don’t get super wet, so after a few minutes they’re good to go.”

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