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Are you a gatekeeper? Do you gatekeep your favorite fragrance or, gasp, your favorite makeup like concealer, foundation, or even blush?

I was watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife for the second time this weekend, sobbing my eyes out, because no spoilers, but, Spengler’s appearance made me think of my childhood and how I had (still have) the biggest crush ever on Egon Spengler and how he shaped the type of men I’m attracted to today.

I mean, really, the man had a brain the size of a small planet, great hair, and the cutest glasses plus he knew a hell of a lot about slime and loved Nestle Crunch Bars what’s not to love and aspire to?

Our rewatch also got me thinking of Louis Tully running around Manhattan saying, “I am the Keymaster are you the Gatekeeper?” Seriously, when I first saw the original Ghostbusters as a child it resonated with me so strongly. My city, cute nerdy men, ghosts, there was just so much to take in.

That all inspired this article. Several months ago I was reading this great article on Reddit about how people were sooooo upset at fragrance gatekeepers and how they felt it was petty behavior to gatekeep a favorite scent and I sat back and I thought to myself, “Have I gatekept my favorite scents?”

Not familiar with gatekeeping? Before I share whether I’m a gatekeeper maybe I need to explain how it works for those, not in the know.

Gatekeeping doesn’t discriminate! It takes on all aspects of life. Makeup, fragrance, accessories, shoes, purses, a favorite shirt or pair of jeans, etc…etc….etc…..But I think it probably bleeds most into fragrance since fragrance is such a unique experience.

Gatekeeping is simply defined as the activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something. In other words, if you have a favorite fragrance and you consider it your own personal, signature scent chances are you’re really not wanting to give up the name which would enable others to smell like you.

Yes, it’s petty. Yes, it’s selfish. But it happens.

Someone did not do a good job gatekeeping Baccarat Rouge 540. The cat’s out of the bag on that one because everyone and their mother smells like BR540 nowadays. It’s the naughtiest and warmest of cotton candy blends and a must for gourmand lovers. It’s taken social media by storm and some really hardcore fragrance lovers aren’t happy the world now knows about it.

My above statement may be proof positive that I am a bit of a gatekeeper with scents. I beg forgiveness from the Gods for this as I know it’s wrong but I still do it. When I discover a unique fragrance I have a really hard time sharing it. I have a particular Arabian Oud scent that I love which shall remain nameless that I never share with anyone. It’s the most perfect white musk scent ever (that alone is a huge hint). It turns heads and makes people stop and tell me how incredible I smell. And most days, I’m very reluctant to share what it is. My own sister has been begging me for the name for a few years now and I still haven’t told her.

So, I’m guilty.

I’m a gatekeeper of my favorite fragrances and as much as it shames me I still do it.

Are you a gatekeeper?

Do you not share your favorite fragrance, concealer, foundation, or even those cute pairs of no-name flats you’re wearing and where you got them?

Do share!

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