Derm-Favorite Skin-Care Brand SkinCeuticals Is on Sale for Black Friday

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Derm-Favorite Skin-Care Brand SkinCeuticals Is on Sale for Black Friday

There’s so much to celebrate in the coming weeks, but over here at Allure, we pretty much toast to a great beauty sale every time we come across one. We also make sure to throw up some extra confetti for all of the amazing Black Friday 2021 sales that catch our attention — especially when beloved brands like SkinCeuticals are marking down dermatologist-loved skin-care products that virtually never go on sale. (Seriously, even the retailers that sell the brand often exclude it from their sales.)

We know. All of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday talk can be overwhelming. But just like you can always squeeze in some pumpkin pie no matter how full you feel at Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to find room for these as well because they’re biggies. Kind of literally: The bargains come in the form of bundles — multiple full-size products in limited-edition sets that cost less than purchasing the products individually.

If you’re a longtime lover of the dermatologist-approved brand, you already know what a big deal this is. But if you’re new to the magic of SkinCeuticals, the best way we can introduce it is to say that at this point, the only thing the brand seems to struggle with is releasing skin-care products that don’t become multi-year Best of Beauty Award winners. This year, the legendary C E Ferulic won its third red seal, and you’ll find it in SkinCeuticals’ Best Sellers Gift Set.

In addition to the antioxidant brightening powerhouse that is C E Ferulic, the set comes with two other — you guessed it — best-selling products. Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is a ceramide-centric moisturizer that helps replenish plumpness, and the H.A. Intensifier is a serum that helps up skin’s hyaluronic acid levels and, thus, helps it hold onto hydration. Buying them each individually would set you back $398, but this set is $350. It’s like getting the H.A. Intensifier for 50 percent off — not too shabby.

The SkinCeuticals Glow Regimen Set is another awesome deal at $324 because its three products would normally total $368. You’ll get the pretty-much-never-discounted trio of the Tripeptide-R Neck Repair, which relies on peptides and retinol to firm and smooth neck skin, the Retexturing Activator, a serum that exfoliates by encouraging enzymatic action, and the Phloretin CF Gel, a next-level vitamin C treatment.

The best thing about these and the other bundles SkinCeuticals is offering during this prime holiday-shopping period, aside from the discounts, is the fact that they take the guesswork out of creating an effective skin-care regimen. And that alone is an awesome gift.

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