Clean Swap: Essentials for Damaged Hair and Sensitive Skin

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Clean Swap: Essentials for Damaged Hair and Sensitive Skin

New to goop (and clean beauty), associate beauty and wellness buyer Sushii Liu is discovering that the types of makeup,

skin care, and hair treatments she used to avoid actually work for her when they’re clean. “I’ve even been able to use skin peels, which I’ve had bad reactions to before,” she says. “I have super sensitive skin, and after I tried a conventional chemical peel at a med-spa, my skin got so irritated, I just figured they weren’t for me.”

Since joining goop and going clean, however, Liu has been exfoliating regularly with GOOPGLOW Microderm—with no irritation and lots of glow. “My skin just looks and feels amazing after I use it,” she says. “I find myself reaching for it after a long day outdoors; I like to exfoliate all the dirt and dead skin cells off of my skin—I leave it on for an extra minute or two to let the glycolic acid do its thing.”

If Microderm is Liu’s number one clean beauty favorite, she does have more—and she’s more than happy to discuss them.


Priming Eye Cream

I get dark circles around my eyes, and this cream has been great. It’s so moisturizing, and it’s made with vitamin C and antioxidants from the cloudberry and kakadu plum to help brighten and nourish my skin. If I’m feeling extra luxurious or have had a late night, I use it as a face cream (something I learned on TikTok) and put it on my cheeks for some extra TLC.


Silky Mineral Sunscreen

Sunscreen was one of my first forays into clean beauty. I was so used to regular chemical sunscreens stinging my eyes, I was surprised to find that this one didn’t irritate my skin or eyes even if I got a little too carefree applying it. It’s made with nourishing winter cherry, coconut fruit, and blueberry extracts, and it’s slightly tinted but still sheer, so it helps even out some of my discoloration while adding a little glow.


Defining Brow Pencil

I’m a huge sucker for cute, bright packaging, and these pink pencils are adorable. The triangle tip makes filling in and accentuating my brows easy. I mix shades, so I use the dark brown on the front half of my brow and black on the ends to create a naturally fuller look.


Dashes of Color

I love this rich, creamy blush. It goes on slightly sheer, but it’s easy to build, making it great for going from day to night. I’m a huge finger-painter: I just dab it on and blend into my cheeks for a lovely pop of color (that’s also the name of the shade that I adore). I smooth a little at the bridge of my nose and blend a tiny bit on my forehead for a naturally flushed look—I like to look a little more energetic for video calls.


Hair Serum

I perm my hair, so many hair treatments don’t work for me because they weigh it down—I want the volume and curl I get from the perm. This serum is so light, yet it also manages to give my hair the moisture and shine that the perm can take away. I massage the serum into my hair, throw it up in a messy bun, and go on my morning walk with my dog, or I apply it in the evening, when I do a twenty-minute Peloton ride before showering. As soon as I step out of the shower, my hair feels softer. It’s amazing.


Detangling Brush

This brush is an absolute dream—great for detangling wet or dry hair. I love the rounded wooden pins that massage my scalp—they give it a nice gentle scratch.


High-Tech Hair-Dryer

I’m a stickler for blow-drying my hair after washing it—I have to dry my roots at a minimum. I’m just not a fan of walking around with a cold head and damp hair! This dryer is so lightweight—it’s much easier on my arms. I perm my hair, and the diffuser makes drying my permed ends simple and helps my hair retain both soft curl and volume. I like to alternate the three speeds and three temperature settings—again, to protect my permed ends.

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