Clean Swap: An LA Jewelry Designer’s New Routine for Dry, Stressed Skin

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Clean Swap: An LA Jewelry Designer’s New Routine for Dry, Stressed Skin

Practically the moment she moved to Los Angeles, fine-jewelry designer Morgan Cleary started to feel the effects of pollution and stress on her skin. “All of a sudden, I was noticing more allergies and sensitivities,” she says. Cleary adapted by researching water filters and gradually switching out her conventional beauty routine for a clean one. “I had to become mindful of what I was putting on my skin as well as in my body.”

Between dashing from the Los Angeles jewelry district to her nearby studio and traveling to New York and Europe for both inspiration and gem purchasing, Cleary is as busy as it gets. Her obsessed-over Renvi line (dramatic handmade pieces boldly studded with gems—earrings inspired by Doric columns, thick chains hung with ancient Greek- and Roman-style pendants, cuff bracelets and rings sparkling with rows of diamonds) blew up in 2015 after being featured in Vogue. As glamorous as her job may sound, it’s not always that way. “The movie Uncut Gems isn’t that far off,” she says. “I have to find the balance between designer and businesswoman as I crunch numbers and try to stay true to my design aesthetic.”

To balance the work stress and to keep it from showing up on her skin, Cleary relishes the moments of self-care her new routine affords her. “Clean beauty makes a difference in how I look and how I feel,” she says.



Balmy Cleanser

Many cleansers don’t leave my face feeling clean once I rinse them off. But this one removes even my base layer of tinted moisturizer. I’m not very patient when it comes to washing my face, but this is easy and effortless. I enjoy smoothing it in and watching it melt off the makeup and dirt.



When I use this scrub, everything I follow it with sinks right in and really works (without it, I often feel my skin care doesn’t penetrate beyond the very top layer of my skin). It’s just strong enough to give the exfoliation I need without irritating my skin, and I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after using it.


Powerful Essence and Multitasking
(Cult-Favorite) Serum

I love to use these two together—the essence first, then the serum. I feel like the active elements help with my blemishes, scarring, and dark spots. I spend so much of my day walking from building to building in the jewelry district, out in the harsh LA sun, so I need to work on sun damage and the effects of all the pollution, and I feel like this combination does just that! Some areas of my face get super oily, while the rest of my face is very dry, and this is how I level out my skin.


Ultramoisturizing Face Cream

I have very dry skin that, combined with the pollution and sun, leaves my face feeling perpetually dehydrated. This cream is so silky and skin-coddling; it’s been a godsend. I wear it overnight and wake up with skin that no longer looks stressed and thirsty—instead, it’s more moisturized, firm, and toned.



In-Shower Double-Cleanse

This beautifully lathering tandem is so relaxing. I buff off all the dirt and dead skin with the exfoliator, then cleanse—the combination washes the day off and takes care of my skin.


Rich body butter

My hands get abused and dry with all the jewelry work and polishing-wheel time, so I love this super thick lotion. I keep it by my bedside and use it on both hands and feet at bedtime. It’s absolutely brilliant—it keeps my hands presentable, even when I’m going straight from jewelry production to client meetings.


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