Clean Lip Liners

Clean Lipliners

Clean Lip Liners

Most people tend to focus more on the color when it comes to lip liners. Some of the best colors for your lipstick and lip liner are toxic. Always make a point of researching on the type of clean lip liner you need before purchasing.

You should always get a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick. Clean lip liners help with keeping the lipstick from wearing out into tiny fine lines. They are also helpful when it comes to increasing the period of your lipstick wear, as well as changing the color of the lipstick if need be so.

RMS Daytime Nude plays out as the perfect neutral pick for light to medium skin tones, while the RMS Nighttime Nude is best for deeper neutral for any skin tone. Jane Iredale Earth Red – perfectly matches warm burnt red, while Jane Iredale Plum goes well with cool deep plum.

Pro Tip: You do not require an exact match of lip liner to lipstick. Nighttime Nude or RMS Daytime Nude depending on skin tone, can be used for plums, reds, etc. Besides that, always make sure that the product you are using passes the natural test and is free from heavy metals.

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